Rain and Jackie Chan MV?

Mega international Chinese movie star Jackie Chan and Will Smith son Jaden Smith star in a remake of (The) Karate Kid.Korean singer Rain is friends with Jackie Chan  and created an MV for “Hit Song” related to the movie.A rep for J.Tune had this to say.

“Both Rain and Jackie Chan are close friends and the latter had suggested to create a MV for the movie.”

The MV to help promote Karate Kid and push more unit sales for Back To Basic.Will this song appear in U.S theatrical release?Don’t know but damn Rain has made some excellent network connection.The MV doesn’t drop until the 20th.

The plot of the movie is about a single mom (Taraji Penda Henson) moving to China with her son Dre Parker (Jaden Smith).Dre has a difficult time adjusting to his new life in a foreign land.Dre becomes an easy target for local Kung Fu street kids who pick on him daily.One day Dre comes across Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) who trains him in the skill of martial arts.Later on to compete in a torment and the kids who torment  him for being “different”.Movie release date is the 11th of June.


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