YG Auditions

YG has open their doors and launch their audition website in order to expand their vast growing family.YG was found by former member Seo Taiji and Boys Yang Hyun Suk in 1996.Since then has sign major artist like Jinusean,1tym,Big Bang,2NE1,YMGA and Stony Skunk etc..

YG has also show case top producers like Teddy,Kush,Perry,Skull(Sku1),etc..

Being a top leading entertainment firm for actors alike List includes Uhm Jung-hwa,Heo Ji-jae (Girlfriends) , and also allowing fellow YG artist to cross over (TOP,Deasung,Seungri(Big Bang),Sandara Park(2NE1).

Good Luck on your admission and PLEASE follow the list of requirements for what ever field you audition for.

Note:No Audition requires any admission fee but require general information if requested.



Sites and Dates

May 18th -June 22nd

*Please Visit site for more details,admission requirements,locations details and/or cancellations*



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