DBSK lawsuit against SM has not settle out or reach a final verdict this has place a delay on all DBSK/VXQ/Tohoshinki activities.Avex entertainment an affiliate to SM in Japan has move forward and allow Jaejonng,Yoochun and Junsu continue as a trio.Despite Yunho and Changmin staying faithful to SM during this lawsuit proceeding.

JYJ is a make up of JaeJoong,Yoochun,and Junsu names. Avex is holding a special concert just for Japanese fans.Taking place at Osaka Dome 5-6th and another held at Tokyo Dome 12-13 of June.Thus far tickets are sold out with a million participants within two days.

Don’t fret this doesn’t indicate the end of DBSK for good.For the moment this gives an opportunity for fans to enjoy the fab 3 minus SM holding them back.


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