TOP and YG Artists Make Nice

Besides Big Bang being the first Korean group to perform at this years Summer Sonic festival in Japan.Member TOP new movie Into the Fire was show case at this year Cannes Film Festival in France.Although the movie doesn’t hit Korean cinema until June.Already sparking the interest of foreign movie buyers from UK,Germany,Russia and  Singapore.

TOP also co-starring with Cha Seung-won, Kim Seung-woo, and  Kwon Sang-woo will hit international status if bought.This being the few Korean War movies to be feature world wide.The plot of the movie is base on real heroic  events.During the Korean War 71 student soldiers risk their lives to protect the countries largest water land mark Nakdong River.Which flows right through the heart,center of South Korean nation.

In other YG news Gummy gives praise to 2NE1 member Minzy.Who is the youngest of the bunch being only 16 years old.Minzy before teaming up with CL,Bom and Dara was a trainee just shy of 11 years old.Gummy praise the young songstress via me2day account the Korean version of Twitter.

“YG’s cutie Minzy came to cheer me on for my performance. When I first saw her, she was a baby, but suddenly she has turned into a woman!”

Also with this pic

Gummy once under MBoat sister company to YG release her comeback EP earlier this month Loveless.The first album to officially be under YG label. To follow her next is Se7en with his comeback first week of July.With Big Bang comeback sometime during the summer.For 2NE1 is also doing a comeback this year.A follow up to their mega hit self title EP release back in July of 2009.There is no date yet set but according to YG music is in progress.YG estimated their comeback sometime during Fall or Winter months along with a possible second G-Dragon solo.


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