Big Bang For Fall

The month of August when most kids in U.S are going to back to school and college.That would be me enrolling in college but Big Bang also making their comeback?Apparently YG is fixated on promoting more BB in Japan.Lets just face it with Avex’s Tohoshinki down for the count YG can sweep in and take over.Yang Hyun Suk being a workaholic hasn’t lighten Big Bang’s load just space it out a bit.Having their comeback in month of August instead on this summer.

Big Bang has had a hugely successful outcome in Japan and has received many awards. After the Summer Sonic Festival 2010 on the 7th and 8th of August, Big Bang will be returning to promotions in Korea.”

Lately YG has been holding back their mega groups comeback.Granted that Gummy thank the heavens had a comeback this year.That’s was the hidden curve ball to some fans but damn I was waiting back in 09.For Gummy’s musical return since her YG TV segment was canned with its first episode.

I hope its safe to say that Se7en is still making a comeback this July? I feel like ever time I boost about a YG’s artist return Yang Hyun Suk gets cold feet and pushes it back.There is one question that wasn’t answer.What about YB Mr.Tae Yang solo?He was suppose to make his comeback from November of last year.Only releasing two singles “Where U At” and “Wedding Dress.” Supposedly Tae Yang solo comeback is before Big Bang yet Yang Hyun Suk didn’t mention it in his translated quote.Now I’m a worried bunny I wish Tae Yang solo comeback.Will it happen YG or is that push back to 2011?

You know the old saying “all good things come to those who wait.” Safe to say YG fans have been patiently waiting if not clawing their eyes out.Big Bang fans its been two years for BB VIP,3years for Se7en and almost 1 year for Blackjacks.YG its time to step it up and win your titles back.I’m sorry I don’t care for endorsement deals and YG Cyon “Lollipop” retarded phones or the redundant hook jingles(yeah I said it).I just want the artistry,the music, my YB,BB and se7en back.T_______T  It’s not like you’re bringing back 1tym or Masta Wu.Something tells me that is a diffident NO.


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