Jay Park & His Attorney Say What?

Last year during the first week of September when Jaebeom aka Jay Park left his group 2pm.Over some Myspace comments made by the former leader during his training days.Many things have happen since his sudden withdrawal.Fans cried a river and 2pm was 1:59 only to be….2pm once again.In the mist of all this chaos JYP permanently ended their contract agreements for undisclosed reason.When Jay Park confess something that pretty much ended his relationship,business wise with JYP. Jay and 2pm remain friends despite over zealous fans opinions.

Jay Park hasn’t been siting in a corner and dreaming of glory.Jay is making his comeback more ways than most could ever image.Being part of a B-boy crew (Art of Movement) in his native city Seattle just was the tip of the ice berg.He since then landed himself a leading role in Korea’s Hype Nation and is appearing on the OST with “Demon”.Finally a management firm global entertainment sign Jay Park. His appointed attorney Ned Sherman boost about Jay Park being on board.

“We are thrilled to be working with Jay. He is incredibly talented and has the work ethic, talent, charisma and fan support to have a big career on a global level,” said Mr. Sherman. “It’s rare that you come across an artist like Jay. He really loves and cares about his fans and it shows. We are working on a number of big projects which we will be announcing soon.”

“Every opportunity that comes to me is possible because of the fans. I’m so thankful, and I will try my hardest to make everyone proud,”

Congrats Jay ^____^

Source:Quote AsianFanatics and PR Newswire

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