K-pop Will Make Sumemr Sizzle

Summer time cute boys,girls in tiny bikinis and oh yes return of K-pop rivals.While some of us are finding that perfect summer time diet I guess in South Korea.Its time to bring back the rivals adjacent to Queen(Lee Hyori) and the King (Rain).Both Lee Hyori and Rain made their comebacks during the spring after a two-year hiatus.Sharing the stage with 2pm,F(x),and few others.Thus far K-pop is having a comeback overload.Why not Son Dambi and Se7en to join as the hottest time of the year approaches.

Son Dambi is infamous for hits like “Bad Boy”,”Crazy” and “Saturday Night.” The past year and half she’s been missing.Often times compare to Queen of K-pop Lee Hyori who doesn’t seem faded by her rival songstress.Lee Hyroi mention in interviews Son Dambi has lots of time and growth to do.Time yes that is a fact Son Dambi has been taking her sweet little time.Suppose to make her comeback some 6 months ago Dambi decline.Instead she focus on building herself as an actress and kinda allow music to take a back set.You don’t have to hold your breath for long Son Dambi is making her music comeback 2nd of June.This will be a 5 track mini album with debuting single being a dance track.Lee Hyori who is also planning to repackage her album around the same time how covenant.

Son Dambi will be teaming up with master beat maker Brave Brothers who has work with Son Dambi before.”Crazy” and “Saturday Night” are his additive workings.Also teaming up with song writer  Kim TaeHyun who has written After School’s “Bang” and T-ara “Go Crazy Because of You.” The divas are back and ladies are still  superior over the boys.Lets not get to carry away if Son Dambi is the “princess” surly there is a “prince?”

Se7en after leaving for United States some 3 years ago is making his highly anticipated return.Se7en won fans over in Asia but didn’t translate so well state side.Teaming up with hip hop legend Lil Kim for “Girls” just wasn’t enough.Se7en return back to South Korea sometime during winter.He even made a guess performance on G-Dragon’s Shine A Light Concert.There he dish about his comeback and receiving the much-needed rest.YG confirm it later on that se7en is in the works of a comeback along with several other YG stars like Tae Yang and Big Bang. YG threw a curve ball with the finally release of Gummy’s Loveless.Even though this has been in production since mid of last year.YG has been taking the slow approach and pushing back artist comebacks further and further.Yang Hyun Suk and YG hasn’t been on top but overly extending themselves and capability.Big Bang comeback isn’t until sometime in August while group still plays in Japan.With Avex’s Tohoshinki down but not out.This gives Big Bang an opportunity to build a much stronger foundation and audience. Se7en is to make his comeback in the first week of July unless YG has a change of mind.This album been in the works for some several months but who knows these days.Rain came back with a mini album and a r&b ballad as the first single.No shocker if Se7en drops a mini album but a ballad? I don’t know if  the K-pop prince can pull it off and still make bank.Then again Se7en is a master performer and YG at creating the hype need to push their artist at least TOP 10 spots on most charts.

I can honestly say I’m excited to see Son Dambi and Se7en make their comebacks.Thank the K-pop gods for making sure summer isn’t gonna be wasted.

Note:June 17th is my Birthday I’ll be 23(24 in Korean years)years old.That’s right I beat TOP by 5 months.


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