MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2010

The winners of MTV VMAJ has been reveal with Big Bang taking home two,Exile with 3,TVXQ(Tohoshinki) only 1, and even Lady gaga snagging a moon man,how odd.

Best Male Video: Shota Shimizu, “Utsukushiki Hibi Yo”

Best Female Video: Namie Amuro, “FAST CAR”

Best Group Video: TVXQ, “Share the World”

Best New Artist Video: BIG BANG, “Gara Gara GO!!”

Best Video of the Year: EXILE, “Futatsu no Kuchibiru”

Best Rock Video: Superfly, “Dancing On The Fire”

Best Pop Video: BIG BANG, “Koe wo Kikasete”

Best R&B Video: Miliyah Kato, “Aitai”

Best Hip Hop Video: KREVA, “Shunkan speechless”

Best Reggae Video: HAN-KUN, “KEEP IT BLAZING”

Best Dance Video: Lady Gaga, “Poker Face”

Best Video from a Film: JUJU with JAY’ED, “Ashita ga Kuru Nara” (from “Yomei Ikkagetsu no Hanayome”)

Best Collaboration Video: w-inds. x G-DRAGON (BIG BANG), “Rain Is Fallin'”

Best Album of the Year: EXILE, “Aisubeki Mirai e”

Best Karaokee! Song: Miliyah Kato x Shota Shimizu, “Love Forever”

Asia Icon Award: EXILE

Best Director: Yuichi Kodama

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