AKB48 Ready To Sue

AKB48 is a popular J-Pop female band in lovely Japan.Apparently this magazine Shukan Bunshun had an article claiming member Mariko Shinoda was having a juicy affair with AKS president Yasushi Kubota .AKS is AKB48 entertainment management firm.AKS quickly stated that the article was a complete fabrication.

AKS isn’t quite done with Shukan Bunshun magazine and is suing their publishing company Bungeishunju for 150 million yen in damages.According to AKS this article is “completely groundless and asserted that it has had a serious effect on the group’s activities.”

I guess you can’t get away with spreading rumors in Japan.This case will most likely fall under Defamation of Character and/or Slander (or both). All AKS has to prove that this article was done with malice attempt to tarnish Mariko Shinoda,Yasushi Kubota, and AKS reputation.


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