Nathalie Makoma I Wanna Dance VS SNSD Genie

Nathalie Makoma is an amazing Dutch singer who release a track sounds similar  SNSD “Genie” from last year.

SNSD Genie”Tell Me Your Wish”

Guess what kids Sony entertainment own the rights to both song so NO PLAGIARISM.In fact this is Nathalie 2nd single to come out this year.She also has ties with SM entertainment.Just more proof how K-pop (sound wise) is more global and changing music industry in different foreign nations.

A little info about Nathalie Makoma was the youngest of 6 children and is of African descent.Born in Kinshasa (DR Congo) left the African nation due to political issue.Nathalie and family made the Netherlands their new home base.Later on Nathalie attend Rockacademie in Tilburg focus on performing arts.She join a band called Makoma Band but left in 2004.From there she work a normal job until her cousin suggest to try out for the Dutch version of “Idol”(similar to American Idol).She earn her spot on the show and wow judges who claim her as “Dutch Tina Turner.”She made it to the finals but didn’t win.No fret Sony BMG was ready to sign this songstress ASAP.She release her first single January of this year title ‘I Won’t Forget’ and her second “I Wanna Dance.” This version of the song was also used for SM female K-pop group SNSD’s  Genie “Tell me Your Wish back in 2009 by SM entertainment.

Sony BMG owns the copy right SM entertainment also has shares and affiliates.This tends to happen when songwriters/music producers sell their rights to a song.It isn’t common for major labels to share music and demos among each other when both have copy right shares. As long the usage of this song is legal its not consider plagiarized. Usually that song writer and/or producer is paid through royalties.This also allows the opportunity for remixes,repackage and for greatest hit type albums.Whom every has copy right and shares can use the song and earn royalties.

I Won’t Forget

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