Sistar Push Push Ripping off 2NE1?

After watching their full MV of Sistar “Push Push.” This newbie group may have some rough waters ahead instead of easy smooth sailing.Sistar is under a small label Starship Entertainment thus far hasn’t made much noise yet.I don’t know much about this group only that is consist of four young ladies.

Hyorin(Kim Hyo Jung) who is the leader,Borah the rapper,Dasom the groups maknae(cute member) and Soyu.The girls made their first appearance for Ceci a branch from FUBU (street clothing).The group may fit “street style” already some fans have written these girls off as a fusion of F(x),4minute and 2NE1.Mostly fixating on 2Ne1 possibly getting rip off especially in the style department.Even consider sound wise being to similar to 2NE1 including 4 minute.

Okay I’m not a huge 2NE1 fan musically because I feel they’re so commercial and has the same mediocre dullness as any other K-pop group(yeah I said it).Granted “Fire” was their strongest and most different track on the self title EP.Other than that lyrically and sound wise it was just to generic and slight feeling of being “unfinished” or something was missing. 2NE1 first mini album was quite safe for the most part  commercially driven not something to be outstanding or ground breaking (sorry Teddy,Yang Hyun Suk).

Style wise 2NE1 is ripping off old hip hop styles from the 80’s.Like Sistar, 2NE1 is appealing to the 10-20 something crowd that have no memory or was never exposed.(Hip hop in South Korea only became more present during the mid 90’s)Hey I’m truing 23 and I know 2NE1 style is old 80’s B-girl.Mimicking groups like J.J Fab,L’Trimm,Salt ‘n’ Pepper.The big jackets,tights,skinny jeans,and hard attitude yet their female.This come from pre-existing female rap groups from mid 80’s and early 90’s.Also its fashion which can be worn by anybody and repeated once again.

I wanna give Sistar a chance before writing them off as rip offs.I give every group a chance before I reach a verdict of “hell no I wont  listen to this garbage ever again.” I consider “Push Push” as their “commercial song” like 2NE1 “I Don’t Care”,F(x) “Chu” and 4minute “Hot Issue”. Grab your attention not necessarily be so different. I’ll just wait and see if Sistar will release a mini album show casing more original skill.Other than that keep this in mind,the old saying “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.”

Sistar Fan Forum provided by Soompi


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