Taec of 2pm No Show For Wonder Girls Tour Say What?

Please don’t piss me off JYP with more this sudden shrinkage in 2pm.Member Junsu has drop out of participating in Wonder Girls tour due to a pre-existing leg injury.Junsu injury his leg in May but still continue to promote 2pm’s  singles “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop” and “Without U.” Despite his leg being cast and ignoring much-needed rest.Well it caught up with him and for the moment is in recovery.

Taacyeon who isn’t suffering any type of physical injury just a case of close scheduling.Taec at the moment is rapping up scenes for TV show Cinderella Sister.Which filming for this show ends on the 3rd of June.While Wonder Girls are saying their last goodbyes on M!Countdown and is already on their way to the states.The girls kick off their tour on the 4th.Wonder Girls will embark on a 30 concert tour with the first 9 performance with 2pm as the opener.

Wonder Girls Tour starts in Washington DC Warner Theater visit sites for available admission.

Note: If your a Wonderful living in Orlando area and Bradenton/Florida contact me.Wonder Girls will be playing at the House of Blues on July 20th in the Lake Buena Vista Area contact me for a possible meet and greet among fans.

contact me via email nwaccontact@yahoo.com *I just wanna meet other Wonderfuls living here in the FL*


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