Taec The Thespian

Thespian is just a fancy Greek word for actor.Taec was interview about his sudden transition into Korean prime time with KBS drama Cinderella’s Sister. .Dishing about his co-star Eunjo ,insecurities and the Korean male celebrity he idols the most.

Original Reporter:Moon Wan Sik Original Article Site Posted(Korean):Nate News Translator:49.5bananas @ Wild2Day.org  Source:AsianFanatics

Part One

“I think ‘Cinderella’s Sister’ represented my first steps. Just as you can never forget the memory of your first steps, I will never be able to forget this experience.”

He is now an ‘acting idol.’ Idol group 2PM’s Taecyeon has grown into an actor. Taecyeon debuted as an actor through KBS 2TV’s Wed-Thurs drama ‘Cinderella’s Sister.’ In the drama, Taecyeon plays Jungwoo, who forever remembers the warm meal that Eunjo (played by Moon Geun Young) made for him at a young age, and pledges to protect her for always.

Taecyeon, whose hot stage performances have earned him the name of the original ‘beast idol,’ succeeded in completely transforming into unsophisticated ‘simple and honest man’ Jungwoo for the drama. Fortunately, unlike other singers who turn into actors, he avoided criticisms about his acting skills.

We met him on the day ‘Cinderella’s Sister’ was wrapping up, on the morning of the 3rd.

– Filming is wrapping up today, how do you feel?

I feel both happy and sad. It was hard because I did it simultaneously with the album, but I’m sad it’s ending even as I’m happy that I could show a good appearance.

– If you were to define ‘Cinderella’s Sister’ in a few words?

They’re my first steps. I have pictures of my first steps at home, and that has always stayed in my memory. I think I’m going to remember my first drama forever.

– Your character gave everything for his love–when you fall in love, are you the style to act noble and pure?

I think I’m the style to be noble and pure. I’m not a bad guy. But I think Jungwoo was too much of a pushover. He liked a girl for 10 years but he couldn’t confess to her that he liked her–personally, this was regretful. If it was me, I would have been a bit stronger and more forward. I think he’s a bit different from me.

– Is acting fun?

At first, it was scary. At first, I don’t think the director realized it was my first time acting. He told me, ‘Give it your own gaze’ and I didn’t know what that terminology meant, so I just stayed still and got yelled at. But after that, he gave me advice and helped me a lot.

– How many points would you give yourself as an actor?

I don’t usually cry, but when I thought of sad things the tears would come out. I think I did well with that one thing.

– Did you receive acting lessons?

I received a few before I started filming. But the teacher was more busy than I was, so I mainly practiced my pronunciation. I regret that a bit. I think I could have been better if I could have worked with the teacher more.

– Are you satisfied with your appearance as an actor?

I’m satisfied with the appearance that my parents gave me. People said that my cheeks lost some weight. I’m trying to gain some weight.

– Were you satisfied with Jungwoo’s naive appearance?

At first I thought it was too bad. To come off as naive, I even cut my hair very short. I also wore provincial clothes, but I wondered if he couldn’t come out a bit cooler at first. But when I thought about Jungwoo’s character, I understood. Next time, I want to wear come out wearing cool clothes.

– How did you feel when you first received the offer for ‘Cinderella’s Sister’?

I was very worried. I was worried about whether I could do a good job. I received the synopsis and wondered whether the role would fit me, and I showed it to many people. Our members were very much against it. Our album was coming out and everything, and they asked if I would be able to do them simultaneously. They were worried that if it went badly, not only Taecyeon’s image, but 2PM’s image could be hurt. To be honest, there were many people who opposed it. Jinyoung-hyung thought I could do well and gave his OK. Only 4 people said I should do it. The choreography team leader, our CEO, Jinyoung-hyung, and my mother.

– What did your mother say?

My mother wants me to try lots of different things. She said that because it was my first time, I might not do well, but she said it would be an experience.

– What were the 2PM members’ opinions?

It might be because I’m in it, but they’re all close fans of ‘Cinderella’s Sister.’ When Nichkhun watches, he tells me he thinks I’ve done certain scenes well, and Chansung also helps me practice acting. When there were angry lines, he would yell “Wah!” [T/N: Dialect version of “wae,” or “why”] (laughter).

– Moon Geun Young carefully helped you a lot at first; what was your first impression of her?

I first met her at dinner, but I was late because of a music broadcast. Her nickname of ‘Nation’s Younger Sister’ was interesting to me so I asked her how old she was, and she told me to speak informally to her, so I thought she was extremely cool. And at that place, she also forced me to drink as a punishment, so I again thought she was very cool. Moon Geun Young-ssi said, no matter how much I look at you you seem like an oppa, and asked me how old I actually was. She asked, don’t singers often lie about their ages. I’m sorry I look old (laughter).

– Did Moon Geun Young help you with your acting?

kept asking her with what feeling you’re supposed to perform when you look at each other or when you perform the script,” and “She told me to listen to the answer to the question ‘why.’ When I explained, she would tell me a lot of things to do. So I think that helped me be more thoughtful in my acting.

– What does Moon Geun Young think of 2PM?

Among our members she likes Junsu the most, so my heart hurt (laughter). She knows all of our songs, so I was honestly surprised.

– There’s talk that you were disciplined by Moon Geun Young.

Because she is such a great senior [actress], I think I naturally followed noona. The atmosphere on set is the teacher of acting, so she gave me a lot of advice. I think that’s how noona came to be known as the master of discipline.

– Do you see Moon Geun Yong as a woman?

(Slight hesitation) I like her. She’s attractive (laughter).

– Do you see her as a girlfriend?

I think it would be good. She takes care of me a lot.

– Is there a member who is envious of your chance to act?

The members are looking for acting opportunities so they’re all envious, but Chansung is the most envious and he also gives me the most advice.

– This was your acting debut, but do you have ambitions for your next project?

I want to quickly do the next project. The first one was so much fun that I want to do it as quickly as possible. I want to find a new character and try again.

– Was there a point of regret about acting?

Because it was my first time, I didn’t know a lot of the terminology used around the set. I couldn’t understand a lot of unfamiliar words, so I was yelled at a lot. I often thought how I would have liked it if f I had known all of that before trying acting.

– What score would you give your own acting?

To begin with, it’s just a relief that I wasn’t cursed. I think a lot of people looked on me kindly. It was my first time, so I think they didn’t have excessively high expectations. I’m thankful that they looked on me kindly.

– You competed with Seulong in the same timeslot.

The atmospheres [of our dramas] were so different that rather than competing, I think we cheered each other on. We would meet up in the middle of filming and talk a lot and things like that. It was the first time acting for both of us so there were many parts that were difficult. So I think that’s why we were able to help each other.

– What scene or dialogue did you like the most?

I thought the recent scene with the proposal was good.

– What about a dialogue that made you squirm but you liked it the most?

It’s my favorite scene, but the dialogue when I took out the savings book by the lake and gave it to Eunjo and said, ‘I lived with noona from when I was little’ made me squirm a bit.

– Wasn’t the dialect acting hard?

I practiced the dialect dialogue from the 5th episode with Wooyoung and Junsu over and over again. The first words were ‘Don’t you know me’ and [I practiced it so much that] the members memorized it (laughter). There were also staff members on set who came from Pusan so I learned a lot from them.

– What kind of acting do you want to do in the future?

People have been saying that historical dramas are fun. I think historical dramas would be fun. I want to try historical dramas. Maybe a general (laughter). Or a king. I want to do a role that has charisma. Jungwoo is naive, so he was a soft role, but I want to try stronger and more masculine acting.

– What is the last thing you want to tell your viewers?

I was lacking, but you still gave me love, so thank you. I will find you with an appearance that is a different color from Jungwoo.

Part 2

Taecyeon debuted as an new actor on ‘Cinderella’s Sister,’ but even before this, he was not only a singer, but also a big success as a fixed cast member on the SBS entertainment program ‘Family Outing 2.’ He is the ‘all-around idol.’

Now that he has finished his first drama, Taecyeon is glowing. He answered questions as freely and easily as Jungwoo, the role for which this ‘rookie actor’ was responsible on ‘Cinderella’s Sister,’ saying “I’m just thankful I wasn’t cursed.”

We also saw how proficiently he handled difficult questions, but his general style of answering questions happily and honestly was not very different from other young men in their 20s.

– What are the pros and cons of singer Taecyeon and actor Taecyeon?

This is a hard question. As a singer, I can show an excited and un-restrained part of myself, which I like. People like seeing an explosive, passionate appearance when I’m on stage.

But when you’re acting, I think you have to decrease your actual emotions to about 80%. When I exaggerated too much, the director would tell me to pull back. I had to decrease my actual emotions by a lot. If a singer is about ‘expression,’ an actor is about ‘moderation.’

– Among your members, is there someone who is a fan of Moon Geun Young-ssi or is just especially interested in actresses?

They all have a lot of interest (laughter). Nichkhun looks a lot like Geunyoung-noona, so the members say, ‘What’s the difference between Khun and Geunyoung-noona’ and things like that. Khun and Chansung came to visit the set, too. Chansung is a fan of Geunyoung-noona. Junho likes Seowoo-noona very much. I’m a total fan of both Moon Geun Young-ssi and Seo Woo-ssi.

– You have an ‘umchinah’ image [T/N: perfect son] because you studied in America, etc.

It’s a bit of a burden. I was good at studying in the past, but now it’s not true at all (laughter). I think that I should work hard at whatever I’m doing at the moment, which is why my studies have been somewhat neglected. If I were to make my mother a bit happier, I would have to work harder at that.

– You have a lot of nicknames, do you have any you really like?

I like my nickname ‘OkCat.’ When I gave autographs, I would draw cat pictures, which is how I got that name. There’s no special reason. Since I was little, I would draw cats without really thinking about it. I also like ‘Jjit Taecyeon,’ ‘Strength Taecyeon.’ Each nickname has a story behind it. My fans give me the nicknames, so every single one is precious.

– Do you have a role model?

Since I was a trainee, Rain sunbaenim was my role model. Because he showed himself as an actor and a singer, I think I’m able to follow that path similarly. Because there was a case like that before, I think I’m able to run forward with a bit more strength.

– What do you think of the scandals you’re involved in?

I really think they come out of nowhere. I think, where could these stories have come from.

– Do you think that of the scandals that have come out recently?

Mmm… it’s all very strange. I don’t know how these stories came out.

– What do you do in your spare time?

I watch movies and play games.

– Are there celebrities you’re close to?

I’m close to Seulong-hyung. There aren’t any celebrities I’m really close to. There are people who are very interested in my relationship with Yoona, but we are only close on ‘Family Outing.’ When Yoona and I look close on ‘Family Outing,’ it’s generally to play along with the direction of the program.

– Are you close to any girl groups?

We’re not close to the Wonder Girls anymore. They’re promoting in America (laughter). But of girl groups, I’m close to SNSD. Besides them, I don’t have any relationships with girl groups, which makes my heart hurt (laughter).

– People call you the ‘fashion terrorist;’ do you not have any interest in clothes?

I have a lot of interest in clothes, so I paid attention to how I dressed and then people would say things. I don’t do ‘one-color’ (where your top and bottom are the same color) anymore (laughter).

– The Wonder Girls were banned from dating; is there anything like that for 2PM?

We don’t have anything like that. We’re just left alone, but we don’t have time. I guess I’m not attractive (laughter).

– Future plans?

For the time being, I’m going to focus on 2PM activities. We’re going to America to take the stage for the Wonder Girls’ concert. The other members already left today but in order for me to attend the final ending party for ‘Cinderella’s Sister,’ I pushed back my schedule.

Also, we’re going to have our first individual concerts on 7/31 and 8/1 in Seoul, so there’s a lot to prepare. After coming back from America, we’re going to focus on concert preparations.


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