Taeyang An Icon?

Taeyang no small beans in South Korea and has establish himself as a top male singer.Giving credit and much respect to his group Big Bang.Just like his fellow members went under intense grueling training which prepare them for mega success.You can honestly say Big Bang is one of the hardest working groups K-pop has ever seen.While Big Bang is busy developing a more solid fan base in Japan it’s evident they had made it without any kinks.With their second Japanese album self title and a new single for IRIS Japanese OST “Tell Me Goodbye” invading Oricon Charts top 10.Big Bang is leaving a legacy that even other fellow YG artists would find hard to even emulate.Surpassing their seniors/mentors Jinusean and 1tym.YG stay true to their word at finding unrepresented talent that would be turn down by other major labels.

Although Big Bang has been on hiatus from  their Korean home base.Each member for the past two years stay active in Korean media by doing individual solo and acting projects.Seungri and Daesung explore the world of acting and musicals.While TOP debuts on his first mega film Into The Fire holding back on a solo single.Only G-Dragon and Taeyang stay focus on their primary goal being music.This seems so ironic in the past these two were just young boys appearing on Jinusean “A-yo” video.G-Dragon being along side YG pet project YG family in the early 2000’s.While Taeyang continue with his training and mastering of the very talent he is known today.Along with the rest of the three Big Bang members it wasn’t until 2005 when all five became a solid unit. Since Big Bang debut on the K-pop scene fans all over the world are obsesses over the group’s music,style and charming personalities.Making them ideal for record labels as artist and admirable for K-pop listeners.

There is one member in Big Bang throughout all this success has stay humble if not modest.The laid back Taeyang is a good counter balance to  outspoken flamboyant G-Dragon. With boyish good looks and a sly smile he can be cute like Seungri.His ability to be more normal yet stand out still like member TOP.Lets not forget about a sultry voice that can charm any girl right out of her dress like Daesung.In fact consider Taeyang the wild card, mixture of everything.In 2008 with his first official solo release mini album HOT featuring “Prayer” and ‘Only Look At Me’ produce by Teddy(1tym) and Kush(Stony Skunk).Taeyang showed off his perfect sculpted six-pack abs and MJ inspired dance moves that U-Know Yunho (DBSK/TVXQ) would be envious about.

In recent Star Diary Taeyang has this to say about being more than just a singer.

“I don’t really know if this dream is big or small, but I want to stand on stage for a long time and unchangingly always give it my all.”

How humble yet to other its seems he has dreamed big at least with Big Bang.There is more humility in his solo attempts.Seems Taeyang doesn’t want to be another pretty face for girls to plaster on their walls and fan blogs.

“Before I wanted to be someone who anyone could recognize, I wanted to stand on the world’s greatest stage and hear people say, ‘That person is really great” about me. I still want to become like that. But now I’m starting to think that I just want to give it my all. If I do that, then I can become the best to someone.I want to put on a performance that has a good message. Of course it’s something I can do only after I become better and gain more influence… but whether it be for children who are going through a hard time, I want to put on a show with that kind of meaning.”

At some point an artist reach a level of maturity and began to forecast their future.Taeyang has the talent and YG can provide the chart topping beats.There is more to music then selling  units and being an amiable character.In all truths K-pop is extremely superficial and very few artists are fan-tom to have substance. Having that top hit song that fits the trend is okay but it doesn’t leave an impact.Even though this massive success would corrupt most young minds but in Taeyang case he became are more responsible and wiser artist.Instead of living up to a name and fame that he built still has total control.Which for most K-pop stars struggle with to maintain and some end up being wash away by the tides of repetitive trends and scrutinize media.

In 2009 Taeyang made his mini comeback with “Where U At” and “Wedding Dress.” Both songs dominated Korean music charts and even in Dutch land has fallen under Taeyang charm.With the possibility of a  second solo release in November.Instead YG focus on solo releases for 2NE1 in order to rank in more pushing it back further. Once again talk about his solo in February only to be shot down in order to have heavier promotions for Big Bang in Japan.Later YG explain why the constant set backs as they search out for new producers to allow more diversity in Taeyang music.Taeyang himself is becoming more involve and is controlling every step of the way.

“This year I want to put aside obsession and greed, and relentlessly work. Instead of working with just one song from my solo album, I think I’ll be relentlessly working on showcasing a lot of songs.”

Although “Where U At” seems to remind fans of “Prayer” since the song was produced by Teddy(1tym).It was quickly over shadow by “Wedding Dress” for most part shock fans.Taeyang is a pianist  enthusiast but his music is starting to have a rawness and realness the audience been missing for years.Taeyang doesn’t want to be one-dimensional but show the many faces,emotions and singing abilities that he possess and skilled over the years.Many fans including myself have become antsy waiting for his triumph return.Longer the wait the more determine Taeyang promise to deliver a quality of music that will up even YG standards.Maybe other fellow YG artists,producers and K-pop stars can learn from this young man’s will to the best not settle for what’s ever a hit.



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