D-NA Awake

D-NA is considered to be the next DBSK with their angelic boyish vocals.These guys have the ability to hold a tune without to much auto tune.The group fallows the same routine pretty looks,gentlemen fashion and juts a hint of guy liner.These sensitive sweet hearts so more of their emotional basket case side in “Awake.”

This being only a teaser fans are already in a frenzy.With American football gear on I guess these guys must have a thing for SNSD.During their “OH” music video wore cheer leading uniforms.You notice a strange fashion trend popping up in K-pop.Rain wore fighting gear while promoting his “Hit Song” on music channels.Most K-pop bands are busy scrambling to cash in on patriotic pride for this year World Cup Soccer series taking place in South Africa.

With K-pop stars wearing athletic gear who’s next to join in on this trend? When BEAST makes their comeback should they  dress up in hockey gear?Will 2NE1 look like female basket ball players for their comeback?I doubt this is even consider a trend more like strange marketing strategies.


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