TOP Turn It Up

Early this year during Big Bang Big Show 2010 concert  a viral video was broadcast.Showing off a solo song by member TOP at the time had no title.Afeter the concert it was  later learned that the song  title was “Turn Me Up” and this was TOP’s solo song.TOP in interviews made plans  someday to release a solo single himself.Like his fellow Big Bang brothers but unfortunately TOP schedule went into over drive.Juggling Big Bang Japanese promotions, his latest mega buck movie Into The Fire and preparing for a second season of IRIS(Korean).TOP couldn’t fit a solo debut and told fans he simply didn’t have the time.

With a video tease of “Turn Me Up” seems TOP may have a change of heart.This video was the same viral video broadcasting during Big Bang Big Show 2010.The MV  is just a teaser but concert goers who went are having a case of deja vu.Either way Big Bang fans a like are excited if not ready to pass out. YG has been taking the slow approach with their comebacks. Back in 2009 YG focus was on Big Bang second self title Japanese album but became distracted by the release of 2ME1 self title Korean album.Seem YG was only interested in 2NE1 and media whoring their image.With an EP album,release of 2 singles and mini solo singles/CFs.YG for a moment was being to obsessed with making 2NE1 a commercial smash hit like their fellow YGers Big Bang.

The solo debut of G-Dragon Heartbreaker and controversy that fallow through knock the major label off guard.G-Dragon made it out successfully with having one of the top-selling albums in 2009 but was slam with threats.Fans accuse both 2NE1 and G-Dragon of plagiarism.As the Korean government enforce their strict censorship laws by giving this album a +19 plus purchase and rating. Despite all this G-Dragon continue to promote his album to a younger audience and kick off his Shine A Light Tour(2009).The tour itself made G-Dragon status from famous to infamous.Once the Korean government accuse the young singer of performing inappropriate sexual acts and promoting violence in front of minors.G-Dragon was found guilty and was sentence to pay fine  not jail times.YG and G-Dragon plead “not guilty”  and decide to challenge the Korean law courts.The status of that is still unclear whether or not the hearing was rule in his favor.G-Dragon still mange to release a concert solo CD/DVD and a theatrical release of Shine A Light.At the end of the day both YG and G-Dragon still made bank regardless of minor hick ups.

Other Big Bang soloist didn’t suffer the same issues as G-Dragon.While G-Dragon prepares for a possible second solo, so does Taeyang. This will be TOP first official solo without his fellow members.The video itself has a totally different feel compare to G-Dragon and Taeyang’s solo releases.G-Dragon being artistic but a show man playing with eccentric fashion styles.While Taeyang has a more laid back but sensual type of feel.TOP style is more of the sophisticated gentlemen that has a flare for high fashion that’s a little on the abnormal side.TOP is know for his slick swagger and deep Berry White type voice.The video tease is in  Black and White there is nothing to bland about this song nor its singer.The song itself is truly a hip hop song with minor influence of pop.This song wont drop until 21st of June.

Lets not forget YG has brought back Gummy and soon Se7en comeback in July.Its unclear whether or not Taeyang comeback is before Big Bang.I have a funny feeling “Turn It Up” will not be promoted that heavily like “Where U AT.” Big Bang is also to make a solo return in August of this year.So you can imagine Yang Hyun Suk is on pins and needles to make sure all this gets done and makes profits.Female rookie group 2NE1 is taking their sweet time going on mini vacation and Dara posting random pictures on her me2day account.Seems YG  is busy but this record label has a history of NOT keeping their word and withholding comebacks later and later.YG is taking a more cautious set back when developing music for their artists.The plagiarism rumors and accusation in 2009 dent YG’s  pride and their music producers.While fed up fans simply only demand the BEST not the trendiest from these artists.Big Bang has establish themselves as a top group its time for each member to make their mark in order to further their musical careers.I think K-pop stars and future starlets can learn from a group like Big Bang.Realize at some point your gonna have to find that initiative and give your fans more than just hits but a total experience.

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