Jay Park Billionaire

Really if Jay Park was a “Billionaire” Cover which is orgianl done by Travis McCoy and Bruno Mars.

B.o.B ft. Jay Park nothing on you just came out i will try to get it on itunes so everybody can get access to it =).

i got the words wrong and i’m playing a imaginary guitar but hope you guys enjoy thanks

가사도틀리고 있지도않은기타를치고있어요 ㅋㅋ잘은못불렀지만그래도재밌게보고가세요ㅋㅋ

don’t need no bling bling dont need no cars and clothes/

don’t need no body guards or guns in my arsenal/

probably still eat burger king i dont need no royal grill/

i’d prolly spend half right now to clean the oil spill/

try to do something to prevent animal casualties/

go to all the places hit up by natural tragedies/

help all the boys and girl who can’t help them selves

buy a present for everybody whose ever gave me help/

like you in pain? you aint gotta hurt no more

be like mom and dad you aint gotta work no more/

would be busy i would have so many mouths to feed

record a buncha song and then put em out for free/

just for all of yall (fans) =)


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