Se7en Steals July While Top Claims June

Se7en comeback date is actual push back but within the same month.Thank the heavens YG didn’t get cold feet on this singer.Although since earlier this year Se7en has been resting up and preparing to blow his fans minds away.Its been some 3 years since he had a hit single in South Korea.Hey if Rain and Lee Hyori can do it after a 2 year hiatus so can Se7en.His comeback is schedule on the 21st of July.No word yet on a single or even a teaser.With only Gummy under YG belt as comeback the record label has been very busy.TOP to release his first solo single “Turn It Up” on the 21st of June.Notice how everything is coming out on the 21st.Is this YG lucky number?(No 2NE1 pun intended) Big Bang making their comeback in August possibility of Taeyang before hand.Seems YG may keep to their word by wrapping the year fall and winter months with 2NE1 comeback and if possible another G-Dragon solo.


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