STFU Cube No JiYoon Solo

Yeah you know what I could slap a b!tch right now.Cube back down from releasing a solo song for JiYoon.Claiming that they want the group to be focus as a “whole” not as individuals.Focusing primary on the group’s latest album Hit Your Heart (huh).

JiYoon had this to say

I too was surprised when I saw that article. So much so that I even asked the company if I was going to make my solo debut. However, even the company representatives were like, ‘Where did you hear that?‘”

Ah so I see Cube has fallen victim to rumors.This maybe coming from disgruntle fans who honestly were misguided into thinking that JiYoon was working on a solo song. This seems fair sense HyunA had her own solo song “Change” that was well promoted long after 4minte first mini album Muzik.Very close to repackage Japanese version of the album.

JiYoon solo was to be rumor sometime in August/September but now is an official “no way in hell”.I’m kinda piss off that  JiYoon isn’t given the chance but 4minute does need to focus on strengthening their presence in K-pop.All is forgiven for now but I bet netizens are also using “colorful” words to describe Cube entertainment shady press.


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