Yang Hyun Suk Wants YG Domination

I don’t know how long Executive producer/founder YG figure-head  Yang Hyun Suk has back out of the idea of making YG artists global.When I say “global” I mean outside of Asian music markets and invading the west.

YG try these attempts with Se7en but belly up when RQM wasn’t keeping their end of the bargain.YG has always used Koreans who were born state side  like Taebin(Danny of 1tym),Jinu (Jinusean), Teddy(Korean born American raised) and Perry(multiracial background) .

With the release of TOP new single “Turn Me Up” available on iTunes.TOP from Big Bang is the second to dazzle fans world wide.At least when it comes to selling a single outside of Asia.Taeyang is popular but has never sold a single state side.

Yang Hyun Suk and YG are known for abnormal hiatus that can last up to several years at a time.YG since 2009 is improving the “quality” of music instead of fixating on making a large “quantity” to over whelm their competitors.

“For a singer, the contents is very important when it comes to determin win or defeat. The YG members had made use of the time to make and practise their new songs. From July, the YG singers will be back in order.”

In the month of July Se7en is to make his glorious comeback in South Korea along with Teyang.Although the label is sticking to mini albums and EPs verse releasing full albums.This trend is common throughout South Korea and Asia in general.Seem a wise marketing strategy since digital sales are down some 20% do to illegal downloading. Forcing both artists and labels to work smarter not harder to keep their audience.

YG has a full house of artists like Gummy,Se7en,Big Bang,and 2NE1 lets not forget those who pave the way.1tym and Jinusean and forgotten underground YMGA and Stony Skunk. Yang Hyun Suk has found the pot of gold at the end of rainbow.Thanks to groups like Big Bang and 2NE1 who images sometimes out wavers their music.

“These are some of the artistes who would not have come even if invited with great amount of money in the past. They were awed by Big Bang or 2NE1. They even praised them that they would be able to debut in the States.”

Something tells me YG might explore the opportunity to market their artists in the U.S just in baby steps.

In other YG news Taeyang and Dara release a photo teaser for “I Need A Girl” FEAT.G-Dragon.This being the title single for his up in coming second solo mini album SOLAR drops 1st of July.



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