Cutrual Stupidity#3:Sexism and Sexuality in Asian Media

In recent news 4minute member Hyuna has once again piss off K-pop critics.During her World Cup performance to support South Korea.She wore a torn shirt that reveal a bra underneath.Many hound the young diva for wearing such a scandalous outfit to an event that is all about national pride.

She defend herself by saying …. “I think as a singer, one should be able to pull off various types of stage outfits. On the international stage, outfits and costumes are just a part of a performance, but it is sad that in South Korea where the culture is more conservative, outfits like these become controversial.I want to show that I can pull off the concepts on stage. I hope everyone will think of the outfits as just part of the performances.”

This is a constant reacquiring issue in K-pop but in all aspects of Asian media.Are some Asian stars showing off too much skin in order to boost ratings,unit sales and concert tickets?You get a sense that those from the Asian community have a very conservative point of view.Even lifting up your shirt and showing off your belly can be a big issue.Wait a tick that seems kinda unfair cause this issue only affects one sex.How many Asian male celebrities take off their shirts to show off those perfect six-pack abs?That isn’t seen as absurd almost a requirement.If a female artist lifts her shirt to show off her belly this can cause a tsunami of controversy.Seems sexism is also extremely strong and present in the mainstream media.In the U.S we like to view everyone as equals but in all truths that’s just a load of bull.Which Asia has now acceptation to the ideal.

In most society even sexual men and women are not viewed as the same.This is even present in history from ancient caveman drawings from art found in Africa,Greece and Italy.The nude women body is view as fertility,sexuality and wonder less beauty. While male nude body may seem powerful,dynamic and dominate.In Asia the nude body is consider a “no,no” and should always be cover.Bare backs,long legs, and ample chest must be cover…if your a female.Yet male Asian stars have the freedom to show skin and sometimes display vulgar sexual power.As a  woman I’m thrill but shameful because we are not seen as equals.

Men have freedom to do and show whatever they want while women must obey the body boundary guidelines.Only making the issue worse that women no matter what part of the world you live in.Will always play second fiddle to a man even when it comes to our own sexuality.Even in the dating world men have more sexual freedom to date whom ever they may please.I’ll save that issue for another day.What makes the situation even worst most women accept these point views.Men can show more skin women must be more cover up.

In all fairness what is consider controversial is a matter of opinion.Seeing a young women wearing a short skirt and bending over teasing would  piss me off.Showing off a little bit of panties would just be so horrid and grotesque.Yet seeing a male rip off his shirt and suggestive hip thrusting doesn’t have the same affect.So what does this mean?I’m a brain wash with hypocritical point of views or it’s just my sexual preference that make me view things differently?

Even when it comes to “sexuality” Asian media like to blur the lines a little.Showing off too much skin is bad but if a boy looks like a girl that’s okay but switch it around netizens will have a feast.In Asia the male masculinity is hard to define roaming nation to nation.In South Korea and Japan feminine boys are the norm.A little guy liner,foundation, and a very youthful pubescent face.You got yourself a perfect K-pop and J-pop male star.The reasoning for more “feminine” if not pretty boys is that they can be molded and shape into a young female fantasy.Even older women find themselves going googly eye for soft face, soft-spoken but well manner cutie.Not all women fall for pretty boy you still need masculinity.This is why some Korean male pop group have turn into beef cakes and develop a need to have solid six-pack abs.

Female are to suffer a face worse than just looking pretty.The young girl and  little girls outfit or the infamous Asian school girl uniform can drive men wild.The more innocent,virginal and youthful the female the more men would want to “plow her”.Groups like SNSD,T-ara,Kara.AKB48 and just about every female Asian star under the eastern sun has toyed with this look.Feeding into some sick pedophile fantasy some Asian men behind close doors indulge in with total privacy.To other females we admire them for their “natural youthful beauty” and/or hate them for portraying us so irresponsibility.Viewing them as the weakest in female personality/persona ever to be market in a mainstream media.Even those who pose in bikinis,little shorts,revealing lingerie etc.. are seem as whorish if not embarrassing to the female sex.In most K-pop base groups there is always a female member who has a more masculine look.To counter balance those members who are consider girlish,sexy and diva.You figure men must say the same thing about Asian male members who display such boyish good looks and wear make up.The more feminine he acts the less he relates to other males.

Then comes the issue of homosexuality,bisexual and those who are transsexual (or third sex).Homosexuality is present in Asia but has a little presence in their media.Its consider a taboo still and even those who display acts of bisexuality can be view equally as disgusting.Those who are trans gender may find it much more harder to be accepted.One thing to be gay then another to be a sex you weren’t born with.You may heard the term “Asian Lady Boys” mostly involve in sex trafficking and prostitution.In nations like Thailand,India,and Philippines these trans gender beings have become the spotlight for night-time entertainment and companionship.Even China is developing a gay community that can be no longer ignore.For many Asian gays and bis coming out to your family is risky.You can be excommunicated and deem as inhuman.Yet in Asian media males tend to blur the lines of masculinity and sometimes women.Dressing like a male is one thing but putting on make up is another.

In the west boys who look like girls are usually drag queens that’s if your going to the extreme.During the 80’s the U.S had their fair share of heterosexual men for some reason dressing up like drag queens.Creating the term “chicks with dicks” or “dude looks like a lady” all coming popular during the 80’s hair metal bands.This is still in the U.S today but instead of hair metal its more like emo.In Asia this also means young idol groups like BEAST,Kat-Tun, even 1tym put on make up to cover up those flaws.Making themselves appear clear skin if not a lighter skin color.The 80’s hair metal theme isn’t dead and still strive today through visual Kei base bands from Japan.

Visual Kei band break all visual acceptance of the Asian male.Wearing wigs,dresses and make up even a drag queen would deem as “a bit much”.Other Asian nation can only stare with open jaws as these bands get away with being over the top.Creative yet to outsiders this isn’t sexy nor attractive.Just down right gay and a trend that died a horrible death in the 80’s.Sexuality isn’t discuss in most Asian homes.Sex isn’t a topic that most Asian parents even want to hint about.Some Asian parents can even use the proper terms when identifying each sex genitalia.Asian continent is the most populated in the world so not all Asians shy away from bedroom romance.If you do it and who you do it with is strictly your business.Many Asians or not would agree with that notation.

Sexism and sexuality plays an important role but still silent  in Asian media.Whether its a sexy male or female dancer/singer strutting their stuff on stage.A young admirer who is simply observing the performance will always find an audience.I was raise in a nation that sex is often time abuse and not seen for what it is just how it can sell.You can ‘t blame Asia for keeping a conservative point of view.Then again you wonder what the big deal is in the first place.Even Asian pornography is censored that is how far they’re willing to go.Giving you the impression that Chinese,Korean,and Japanese men have a blur censor over their nether regions.

You have to give these Asian nations their props for at least allowing some innocence in  their media.Sex still holds some sacred grounds even though sexism exist.Accepting those of different sexualities is a working progress.Its not required for an artist to be a sex symbol it just sorta happens.You don’t have to be vulgar either to show you’re a sexual being.Some women and men feel sexuality is defined by how much skin you can show others view it as an attitude.There is nothing more sexy than a confident woman or man no matter what size that person may be.Yet in this modern-day society that is becoming increasingly harder to find.I can’t look down upon women who dress sexy and give praise to men who do.I can at least respect them as a human being and realize that is their choice even if that person is an entertainer.


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  1. Barbara Gee
    Jun 24, 2010 @ 05:58:10

    Has anyone with an STD found a good free STD dating website? Let me know. Barbara G.


  2. foulforyou
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 12:08:58

    You’re so good…i want to write something bout this too, but i can’t find the right words to do so….


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