2NE1 Thinking Of Overseas

I don’t know why this has become such a hot issue in K-pop world.Many artist travel to different nations in preparation for an album.I guess because of groups like Wonder Girls who are busy with a state side tour has re-channel other major label focus.In the past 2NE1 was shown interest from mega North American label Interscope but Yang Hyun Suk (founder of YG) turn down the idea of them going state side.Interscope was also interested in Teddy’s work and maybe a team up with the infamous lingerie wearing Lady Gaga.Teddy turn that potential million dollar deal in order to stay focus on 2NE1.Also because he simply didn’t know Lady Gaga and rather work for YG artist bias yet loyal.Deosn’t matter neither Teddy,Lady Gaga nor 2NE1 suffer.

Pics and spottings of 2NE1 in L.A and New York area keep popping up.Having Black jacks and on lookers at an “ah”.Rep for YG stated…

“Before their comeback, 2NE1 is simply at the peak of their practices and preparations for the new songs.”

“It is still too early for (2NE1 to do activities in the US)”. “For an artist, the most important thing is contents. It’s simply a matter of giving them enough time to sufficiently prepare in order to enhance their contents”.

You know what confuse me more is how YG fans never read the credits on these albums.Gummy last album Loveless was recorded in South Korea but master mix done in L.A California.In fact YG has their mastery done state side in L.A and New York.Also having training in nations like Japan,YG network goes beyond South Korea.This doesn’t give me the impression that 2NE1 is going “state side” but are starting preparation for their new album.

This can be easily over look sense YG main priority at the moment is Taeyang solo and Se7en comeback follow by Big Bang solo.By the way notice how TOP single “Turn It Up” isn’t being aggressively push just release on iTunes.I figure YG wouldn’t stress his solo song release. Even in past interviews CL (group leader) mention that music for 2NE1 is in the works.YG is allowing more producers outside the label to develop artist sound.Allowing them to better prepare their artists music.Yang Hyun Suk is working smarter not harder these days and is clearly extending his brand.


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