Sunye Dismiss from U.S Tour

Its no secret that Sunye father had a difficult time with his health and yesterday past away.Sunye was rush back to South Korea to prep for funeral arrangements.I know what Sunye is feeling but I hope she finds strength from fans,family and fellow loves one.An article explain Sunye dismissal from Wonder Girls tour and how she is cooping with this sudden tragedy.

Regarding the passing of Wonder Girls’ leader Sunye’s father today, JYP Entertainment spoke to the media about her status and what may happen to the Wonder Girl’s future activities.

“Sunye’s father passed away today. Sunye is staying in Korea after finishing her Singapore promotions. She is currently at the funeral home working on funeral preparations.
The members are staying in the U.S because of their tour, but because they can’t take care of Sunye, they are very sorry.”

Regarding Sunye’s status, JYPE said,

“Sunye is suffering very deeply because of her close relationship with her father. Because she is crying so much, she is physically weak. After the funeral, we will discuss with Sunye about future plans and the U.S tour.”

Sunye’s love for her family is famous and on a June episode of Family Outing 2, she read a letter expressing her regrets to her father. She became emotional saying that she made her father hurt but is so grateful he brought her into this world. She also said she’s sorry because she couldn’t say I love you to him.
Her close friend recently said, “At the death of her father, Sunye is going through an unexplainable amount of pain and sadness.”

Netizens have offered their condolences saying, “Even if you cry and cry, this is a pain that has no end.” “He will definitely support you from above.” ”Be courageous.”

Stay strong soul sista and remember he is free from his pain.



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