SM Pay Out or Shut UP

Since last year DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki activities have been place on hold.JaeJoong,Yoochun,and Junsu(fab 3) have file lawsuit against their own mega label SM entertainment.The controversy was spark when 13 year contract agreements didn’t go so smoothly with the 3 members.Who are demanding a better but fair deal.Ending their original contract and leaving the group quite divided on the issue.

The Fab 3 have went to court and even started their own mini group JYJ.SM was in total disagreements from the first trails which cause a second hearing.Either both parties must settle or continue this costly legal battle.The fab 3 are demanding some 3 billion won (2.5 million USD).According to article DBSK has earn some 60 Billion won from first contract ending October 2009.The fab 3 wanted each member to at least receive 10 billion won,leaving SM with 10 billion won.A fair deal everyone breaks even but SM doesn’t agree.Then the fab 3 lower their deal in half by only wanting 3 billion won(2.5 million USD).SM still claiming a large sum of the money but not a 13 year contract agreement.Fab 3 defend themselves by saying

“SM Entertainment claims that 13-year-long contract is needed for overseas activities, but it’s unacceptable. We members are the ones who have to pay for the damage if the contract is broken in any way, and its amount is too high to be acceptable.”

The Fab 3 are only demanding a tenth of the total gross earning from the first contract.Wise move but will SM  accept this new proposal and swallow the lost of a 13 year contract agreement? Ending any attempts to slam the fab 3 with any outrageous fines for ending the first contract agreement by filing a lawsuit.Money isn’t everything I think the fab 3 have come to realize but has SM?


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