Taeyang Breakdown

Okay I’ll admit musically “Breakdown” doesn’t impress me at all.Don’t spaz out on me yet then again its in my name.I feel “Breakdown” music wise I heard it before.In fact the snare drums remind me of Teddy solo “Put Em’ Up” and the kick-start drum beat is in EVERY freaking hip hop song state side.Oh lets not forget the chanting which was also sample in “Where U At” literally like Teddy just reused it once again. Don’t even need to have Teddy name on the credits. I just know within the first 20 seconds (crazy but predictable).

Even though “Breakdown” has some fans jaded I have to give Taeyang his credit.Every song is powerful enough to stand-alone thanks to Taeyang’s versatile vocals.I have to say this is the first time in a very,very very, long time that the vocals out did the music.The only artist that comes to mind (under YG label) with outstanding vocals is Gummy. Taeyang is surely showing off a talent that takes a lot of practicing,studying and understating to create. He’s deliver an album that has something for everybody.For hip hop lovers,r&b,pop and dance but vocally still having the dominant presence.This album SOLAR will define Taeyang transition from being a musician to an artist ready to make his mark on a dieing industry.I hope fans can see that and look past the hype in order to recognize the talent.


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