LPG Doorbell

Here some Korean trot music to brighten up your day.LPG (Lovely Pretty Girls) is not a new group invading the K-pop scene.The group consist of older women this allows them to be more “adult” than normal.Their new MV “Doorbell” has some K-poppers blushing,giggling and having a strange feeling down below.Sexuality in Korean media is quite immature viewing women as young,childish,emotional basket cases verse being sexy and sophisticated.Thank the gods for groups like LPG,Brown Eyed Girls,After School,Jewelry,etc.. to remind that us 20 to 20 something year-old women are sexy without looking like kid.”Doorbell” takes it up a notch by adding a stripper pole and well a minor love scene.Before you judge there isn’t much being shown here then again I was raised in America so nothing is to shocking for me.


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