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In the U.S female MC have become something of the past.Thanks to artist like Nikci Minaj  female MCs are  coming back and breaking new grounds even the men must recognize. From the days of MC Lyte ,Queen Latifah,Lauryn Hill,Foxy Brown,Trina,Remy,Yo-Yo,Missy Elliot,L.Trimm,Sat N’ Pepper,Eve,Lil Kim,Da Brat,etc..When you think about the ratio to women and men as hip hop MCs.Women are greatly out number,over look and often times result to rapping mostly about sex in order to have a voice.

Lucky for young inspiring female MCs in South Korea has a few ladies who can rock the mic.One of them happens to be part of the biggest group to come out last year CL of 2NE1.Even thought lately YG seems more focus on her fellow band member Dara.CL has a natural talent for the mic and curiosity for diversity.Musician Choice “Women’s songs that breath inside me” CL has a list of songs from the best female artists that help her develop the unique sound she harvest.

Musician Choice CL “Women’s song that breath insides me”

CL, 19 years old, born as Lee Chae Rin, is the youngest musician to be introduced in Musician’s Choice. CL’s music-loving father, introduced her to music, and she grew up listening to a variety of pop music, black rap music. and Japanese rock music, ever since elementary school. While looking for some dance music, she happened to listen to Lauryn Hill’s album, making her interested in singing those kinds of dance songs. She learned to focus on dance and hip-hop music, especially black rap music. From then on, she started to dream of becoming a singer.

During that time, the departure of singer, Lexy, opened the door to opportunities. Prior to that, YG Entertainment, was not open for any auditions. During middle school, she went directly to YG Entertainment President, Yang Hyun Suk, and handed him a demo CD. She became a trainee after that event. And after three years of training under YGE, the group 2NE1 debuted. “A few times, I thought that maybe this isn’t for me, but training was fun. Now that I have the chance to sing songs, I would like to sing the songs that people can relate to themselves.” As a singer, CL is attracted to artistes such as Lauryn Hill and Madonna, and has come to work herself to become like them. She also wants to try her hand in creating their own songs. “I want to be a singer-songwriter, who writes different kinds of music, I don’t want to be restricted to one kind of music only, and want to make songs that cover a variety of concepts that different people could like”

CL suggested that the theme of this Musician’s Choice be ‘Women’s songs that breathe inside me.’ The title refers to the women artists who shine and show themselves off on stage. These artists, starting with role models Madonna and Lauren Hill, will now be introduced.

The first album CL chose: Madonna’s [Celebration]

Madonna’s greatest hits album. The album, released in September, is composed of digital remastering of already existing hit songs, plus two new songs ‘Celebration’ and ‘Revolver.’ “Madonna has been famous even before I was born. I found out about her, and then, naturally she became my role model. I’ve read Madonna’s autobiography before; she’s sacrificed a lot for the sake of music. Especially since her mother died young and she had to endure mental pain from her father, etc. She wasn’t fortunate as a child. But given the fact that she first liked dance as opposed to music and her Catholic beliefs, we were similar when we were young. I like all of Madonna’s songs, but on ‘Celebration,’ all of my favorite songs are there, such as ‘Music,’ ‘Sorry’ and others. I’d recommend them.”

The second album CL chose: Lauryn Hill’s [Miseducation of Lauryn Hill]

The only solo album Lauryn Hill, a member of the mixed member group The Fugees, released in 1998. “I started liking Lauryn Hill after I listened to the Fugees. When I listened to ‘Ready or Not,’ I didn’t know about her at first. Then I saw her play a lead role in [Sister Act 2] and I started to really like her, making the effort to find her music and listen to it. ‘Superstar’ is an exciting song that showcases Lauryn Hill’s rap and singing. She has a lot of songs with depth but this song is fun and easy to listen to, so it’s good. I had the chance to see her perform on MTV Unplugged with just an acoustic guitar. She played music, even cried and talked with the audience. The side of herself that she shared was really cool.

The third album CL chose: Lil’ Kim [La Bella Mafia]

The third album of Lil’ Kim, the rapper chosen as the sexiest out of female hip hop artists; released in 2003. “Whenever I sign autographs for fans, I always sign with ‘the baddest female.’ When I’m CL, I want to be that bad. When I look at pictures of Lil’ Kim, she looks exactly like the image I have of a ‘bad female.’ I listened to [La Bella Mafia] a lot when I was a trainee. Lil’ Kim and another female rapper, Foxy Brown, were rivals. Foxy had a lot of supporters but I liked Lil’ Kim more. Her clothes and concept were ridiculously cool and her rap overflowed with charisma. What’s more, when I watched Lil’ Kim’s documentary, she was also shy and feminine. I thought she was more charming because of the disconnect between the Lil’ Kim on stage and the Lil’ Kim in real life.

The fourth album CL chose: Mary J. Blige’s [No More Drama]

Called ‘the queen of soul,’ Mary J Blige released this album in 2001. “Mary J Blige does so much: hip hop music, professional photography, campaign for disadvantaged children, etc. She knows how to act like a queen while singing soul and rapping. She makes music steadily and expresses herself through various means, so every song gives off a slightly different feel. Especially soul, which she sings so easily that you can listen even more easily. ‘No More Drama’ is a song that Mary J Blige shows us her character clearly. It’s a song that you can’t sing without emotion. When she was married she went through a lot of pain but she overcame it with music.”

The fifth album CL chose: Erykah Badu’s [Mama’s Gun]

American R&B artist Erykah Badu’s album released in 2000. I started liking her when I saw the music video for ‘Love of My Life’ featuring Common. Erykah Badu can dance well, sing with a really dreamlike and soft feeling. She has really great characteristics that are really masculine. She expresses herself through music but fashion is also really important. Madonna is the same but I like Erykah Badu’s fashion sense. With her turban which is always on her head, her skinny frame, and even with her lipstick that’s only applied to the middle of her lips, her personality can be seen. It’s good that she has her own style.”

CL, the girl who dreams of Madonna and Lauryn Hill

When CL imagines herself at 40 years old, she says that since Madonna and Lauryn Hill are role models, she wants to follow the path of one of the two. At 40, she would like to either be like Madonna, and keep making new music just as she does now, or be like Lauryn Hill and give up music and live normally as a wife and a mother. “Madonna’s always working with different producers and showing different sides to herself. Lauryn Hill, however, would only show one side of her personality. Madonna doesn’t do anything outside of music, but Lauryn Hill’s resting, leaving her only masterpiece for the future. I’ll probably also have to choose one out of the two.” CL is stubbornly not going to listen to only rap music. Although she isn’t familiar with rock, she says these days she is seeking out more of that type of music to listen to. But since she has already made a foundation for herself in rap music, she says wants to try a fusion of rap and rock.

“Singers put music into people’s lives. It’s the same on stage. Music reflects a person’s experiences and values. So if the singer can, through his gestures and speech, tell about his life, you want to know. Because this person’s music started playing.” CL’s group 2NE1 was scheduled to release their first album in early November and have a concert at the end of the year, but their album was delayed and the concert pushed back. “Now we’re working hard making music. If the album is going to be good, it can come out anytime. The delay of the concert is also unsettling but in this time won’t we be able to practice even more to show you a better version?” If CL releases a solo album, she says she would rather try music that is completely new or dark etc, and experiment with music that is ultimately powerful, as opposed to something trendy and popular.



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