I Need A Girl Take Two

Taeyang SOLAR Limited Deluxe Edition past the expectation of YG sold out with 30,000 units in one day.Gee YG you always play dumb when your artist hits pay day.Fans are enjoying new Taeyang merchandise to splurge on some more.The label decide to revamp his main album single “I Need A Girl” FEAT.G-Dragon.

The MV itself wasn’t bad just didn’t show case Taeyang awesome dance moves.Blackjacks who are Dara(2NE1) obsesses don’t freak out.In the original MV Dara played  Taeyang’s girlfriend but in the second version will be more like a back up dancer(?).Personally why Dara need to be a back up dancer I have no idea but a double hit of Taeyang never hurt nobody.YG you are forgiven just be more wise next time and cautious these MVs are hella expensive.

In other good news both Taeyang and Seungri will appear on Korean variety Strong Heart sometime in mid July.Ah, how cute Big Bang’s heartthrob and maknae together once again.The hotness and cuteness will go into overload.

Taeyang SOLAR Normal Addition is available on yesasia.com($13.99)


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