SM Better Work Conditions

Okay you think working for one of South Korea’s biggest entertainment talent label is a good thing?Apparently SM is doing over time to clean up their public image as a company.Few months back reports of South Korea Fair Trade Commission conducted a large  investigation on big business in South Korea. To see if they’re playing dirty or being fair with employees.

SM being one of the companies on the list who were place under tough investigation.This couldn’t have come at a worse time.SM was facing two major lawsuits against former artists DBSK’s Jaejoong,Yoochun,Junsu and Super Junior’s Hankyung (Hangeng).Both lawsuits claim unfair wages,mistreatment that result to poor health problems and the biggy slave labor contract agreements with harsh penalties.

National Assemblyman Cho Moon-hwan vow to make these big business stop bulling their authority on helpless employees.Something we need in the freaking United States right now.SM is willing to work with Cho to avoid any further mishaps with contract agreements and conditions.

Cho had this to say

“After putting in a lot of attention and hard work, the contract system in the entertainment industry is slowly seeing changes and moving towards a better environment.I hope that this proclamation ceremony will be an opportunity for more entertainers to recover their rights and create an environment where agencies and artists can trust each other.”

To show compliance  Kim Young-min, president of SM stated

“By establishing mutually beneficial contracts between artists and the agency, we will work harder in not only promoting the industry by expanding [the influence of] Hallyu (Korean Wave) but also creating added value for the country”

You know its about damn time SM is playing fair with their artists.Face it if is wasn’t for them SM wouldn’t exist and a large some of K-pop would be lost.



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