Taeyang Needs Support????

Big Bang member and dancing king Taeyang doesn’t fall flat to impress.With the second solo album release of SOLAR and media hype surrounding this album he would surpass record sales.Granted SOLAR Deluxe Edition sold out online with some 30,000 copies.A successful sale even by YG standards.The album main title single ” I Need A Girl”  feat.G-Dragon has broken most music portals Top 10 but not #1.

The song that was released on the 1st is only in 6th place on Bugs by the 6th of July. Melon and Dosirak. 5th place on Soribada. And it’s in 8th place on Cyworld. It made it to 2nd place on mnet.com and is barely holding on. All the while, IU (Nagging) is reigning in the popularity and Jo Kwon (The Day of Confessing My Love) is doing likewise having released his comeback song post-World Cup. Narsha (I’m In Love). Son Dambi (Can’t U See) and others are providing competition, and [Taeyang] is fighting hard. He’s losing not only to veteran singers but also to miss A (Bad Girl Good Girl) who just made their debut.

Apparently Korean music industry has become more stiffer verse even 5 years ago.Fans only had a hand full of artists to pick from.DBSK,Big Bang,SNSD,Super Junir,Rain,Lee Hyori.etc.. For the past two years there has been a massive increase of groups and management labels competing for sales. Even 2009 had its massive wave a new rookie acts mostly female.YG was just lucky 2NE1 claim victory thanks to  clever marketing ,a large endorsement deal with LG and MNet Media airing YGTV  documentaries.Without these elements I don’t think 2NE1 would have been so successful.

With an increase of artists in K -pop this breeds more variety and diversity.Even making well-known name acts like Big Bang  work  harder in order to maintain their audience.Fellow Big Bang member G-Dragon reach massive success with his first solo debut HeartBreaker.Yet  was under fire for being “plagiarized” and was given 19+ purchasing restriction several months after its release.Even Shine A Light concert was short-lived by Korean officials.Who found some of the concert performances as inappropriate and fine the young musician.Who later decided to fight this issue by pleading “not guilty.”

There is an old saying in the west “Bad publicity is better than no publicity.” You get a sense regardless BB VIP would have support G-Dragon album even if it was a total fluke.Taeyang has a good positive relationship with the media verse G-Dragon.Back in 2008 Taeyang first mini album solo release HOT did fair in sales.The album top single “Prayer” feat.Teddy(1tym) and “Only Look A Me” won fans heart.

In order for YG to “out do” HOT for SOLAR release 1  minute teaser of every new track.Although this comeback was way over due.Last year after releasing “Where U At” and “Wedding Dress” fans were hype for a new Taeyang album.Instead YG hold back and ship off Big Bang to Japan. Allowing 2NE1 the opportunity to grow within the Korean media without other YG artists to interfere. Early in 2010 talk about Taeyang also spark up again.YG and Taeyang in interviews speak of focusing harder on this album.Introducing more producers and showing off more range in Taeyang’s vocals.

SOLAR did just that but musically is still quite mediocre.The influence of producers didn’t seem to have little to no effect on the musical direction.These songs are no different from HOT and “Where U At.” Vocally Taeyang was able to show the range in which he was speaking about.”You’re My” being the most outstanding vocal track on the album.”Just A Feeling”,”Move”feat.Teddy,”SUPERSTAR”, etc… being most up beat songs with Michael Jackson vocal influence.While “Breakdown” produce by Teddy was more influence by hip hop.

SOLAR also  show case older singles like “Where U At”,’Prayer,” “Only Look At Me,’ and “Take It Slow” as fan favorites from first solo album HOT.”Wedding Dress” still being the most unusual diverse song on the album.While “I Need A Girl” being the commercial song to attract a larger audience. Even Korean netizens were not satisfied with the MV release of “I Need a Girl.” Despite fans enjoying the Dara(2NE1) and Taeyang pairing the video lack his natural charisma. Yet fans were more please by his comeback performance on MNet M!Countdown verse the actually MV itself. Quoting “He has better chemistry with his female back up dancer verse Dara.” YG made a bold but costly decision to “redo” “I Need A Girl” and down play Dara’s influence on the MV.

Original MV “I Need A Girl” feat.G-Dragon and Dara(2NE1)

MNet M!Countdown Comeback Stage “I Need A Girl” feat.G-Dragon

I doubt that SOLAR will be a flop in Taeyang’s career more like a minor hick up.With the harsh criticism this is the swift kick YG needs to understand their audience craves variety musically and vocally. K-pop scene has become a smorgasbord and what was popular even two years ago has become old. BB VIP will fiercely support Taeyang and Big Bang but just know only a few have this sense of loyalty.For the masses attitude is “here today new rookie group/artists to claim tomorrow.”

Singer IU “I Need A Boy Cover”


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