Taeyang I Need A Girl Take Two

Dance version is out of ” I Need A Girl” feat.G-Dragon.Basically his comeback stage performance is nothing new.Except for “You’re My” in the beginning.My heart skip a beat or two nearly passing out.Dara being down play to a back up dancer is way better.In fact she even look better in this version verse the first.The chemistry is alive thanks to clever dance moves.

Someone comment about how the first wasn’t as good because Dara had no time to “practice” or learn the dance moves.Really? I hate to say this but she is an entertainer and a performer its kinda what you do.I hate to be mean but Blackjacks down play this chick more than haters do.Always commenting how pretty this noona is verse having an authentic talent.Come on Blackjacks Dara is more than a pretty face,give her more credit.Your just giving more haters the fuel to write her off as a narcissistic talentless ham.Sorry if I offend you Blackjacks and 2NE1 supports but there has to be more to this group besides being fashion forward and pretty.


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  1. luna
    Jul 11, 2010 @ 07:07:49

    hmmm. Not liking the You’re My intro into the vid. And the lack of shirt. As if that’s what we ladies are only interested in.! 😉

    Although I complained about the original version1. They made it too simple this time. They should have kept GD’s old shoots. Done something about the just white backdrop. It’s all black & white. At least have the furnitures a different colour.
    But the change from sexy girl to dancer Dara was a very good move. She looked more into it when she was dancing.


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