Filipino Boys Billionare Cover

Filipino Boys cover Billionaire enjoy

Chris Dablio:

not yet a billionare the only thing i have air
barely have the cash for gas life just isnt really fair
so go and hit the snare as i go with my melody
and imma make you feel a beat likeits a classic symphony

Deancent Kabiling:

yeah im the one that wishes best for my future
work my way up to the top cuz im not so sure of what
imma be with the benjamins in the air slap the cash off my hand
now im the billionare!

Vincent Grepo:

back in day i didnt have this much money
i got it now life is sweet just like honey
moolah stackin so high in my deep pockets
since im gettin rich my swag people people trynna jock it!

Bruno Mars:

oh every time i close my eyes i see my name in shining lights
a different city every night h i swear the world better prepare
for when im a billionare

Darryl Caldejon:

ill be going to the bank and taking out 2 G’s everyday
spending on some Bull**** and maybe give it away
to people that struggle livin with no kind of support
aint no time wastin cuz life is too damn short!

Kuya Mark:

Yeah I got cash in my pocket, no need to make deposits
I keep them locked up in the closet
or maybe throw it in the air
like kobe shooting baskets
whenever you need cash here’s a G you can have it!


Every single day when I say paper chasin
Im always making money and I aint time waistin
I get my hundred and I throw it in the air
I scream out loud cuz I am a billionare!


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