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Taeyang SOLAR has become the needed refreshing sun for the K-pop world. With the new wave of female groups are out numbering the men.We need a male to sorta down play the over exhaustion of estrogen. World wide Taeyang is getting notice not just for his singing/dancing capabilities but also that Korean boy charm. A talented artist with a charming personality is still a deadly combination no matter what hemisphere your living in.

In a recent article Taeyang dish about songs in SOLAR differ from those in HOT.Back in 2008 Taeyang debut with his first solo album HOT mainly producer by Teddy(1tym).SOLAR being its long-awaited follow-up that also include Kush(Stony Skunk),Choice37 and his own fellow Big Bang band mate G-Dragon. Who also contribute music and lyrics to SOLAR beside Teddy.

Taeyang compare “I Need a Girl” and “Only Look At Me”

“It’s much better now than when I was promoting ‘Only Look At Me.’ It was hard to digest the lyrics of ‘Only Look At Me’ that talked about cheating on someone and asking her not to do the same, when I didn’t even have any experience with dating. But the lyrics to ‘I Need a Girl’ talk about an ideal type of girl that I want, so I was able to put my sincerity into it (laughs).”

Taeyang lacks real dating experience? That is actually some what true when Taeyang confess that he went on a blind date with Yuri(SNSD).Seems Taeyang in his 5 plus years being in K-pop has no time for love.Yet his lyrics are filled with romance and heart break.For the most part Teddy usually contributes to Taeyang’s lyrics. Maybe its Teddy who is the “emotional” one when it comes to courtship and bedroom romance.Either way these two share a kindred spirit and must have similar romanticized ideals of  a “perfect love.”

“Honestly when I’m asked to describe my ideal girl, I don’t know what to say. It’s because I don’t have a definite type. But singing ‘I Need a Girl’ I started thinking that this kind of girl would be perfect.”

There is one thing that seem so evident in K-pop besides plagiarism accusation. Dreadful need to compare North American artists to K-pop artists. Se7en and Rain are often times group as being similar to Justin Timberlake. Honestly that should be stop cause all 3 men can stand on their own grounds. Even Taeyang is being compare to Usher, both artists are known for amazing talent but amiable personalities that fuels audience obsession. Ushers songs mostly focusing on romance and heart breaker incorporated with outstanding choreographer. What ya know Taeyang is known for the same in South Korea.Lets not for get Usher is the “King of R&B” on western side of the world. Some may say Taeyang is “copying” Usher style but  “Influence” is more proper.

“It can’t be helped that Usher is a role model to me. I think people have a tendency to confuse being influenced by someone with copying them. But if you follow the history of African-American music, there’s Usher, and before him there was Michael Jackson, and before him James Brown, and others. Since the hottest artist today is Usher, I can’t help but be influenced by him.”

The influence of Black music in Korean culture is base on “what is popular now” verse having a real knowledge of artists from past. Only a few really take the time and appreciate to understand hip hop,r&b,folk,blues,jazz,disco is multifaceted.

Gladly Taeyang was giving the opportunity to touch ground about his choosing as Dara(2NE1) his lead female part in “I Need A Girl” MV. Fans have become obsess with Jiyong who is his lead female dancer when performing “I Need A Girl.”

With Jiyong, we don’t consider ourselves to be helping each other. If there’s something we can do, we do it. With Sandara Park, to be honest, it’s because the boss made her.. (laughs) We tried looking for a model that fit the lyrics of ‘I Need a Girl’ but there wasn’t anyone, and since it was more comfortable for me to work with someone I already knew, it just happened that way.”

I hate to say it but Dara did fit role better than other female models.I just hate how she is only view as “pretty face” than having any real talent.

Taeyang points out his most satisfied track is “Superstar” and up beat tempo song produce by guess who Teddy.  Taeyang natural charisma radiate through his vocals that well orchestrated the mood. Maybe this is why “Superstar” didn’t come off so cheesy like most up beat tempo songs but something new for K-pop fans to enjoy.

“Living with Teddy for a year and a half, we talked about music a lot. That’s how this track came about. It’s a song with a style that’s new to our culture, with a hip-hop beat combined with instruments reminiscent of old-time soul. I like all the tracks on the album but I am happy when I listen to this one. When this song was born, there was an uproar. (Waving his arms in the air) Like that (laughs).”

“Old-time soul” yes if your thinking of the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson first solo album. Old school disco and soul r&b songs use instrumentals more heavily verse what you hear today. I’m curious if Taeyang brave enough to bring on da funk and  soulful rhythm and blues. I guess he can save that opportunity for another solo album.

In the mean time Taeyang is planning preparation for a solo concert.

“After my solo album activities, there are plans to hold a solo concert. Now that my album is out I want to diligently work and deliver my music on stage. I brought out this album with lots of joy so I would love for the people who listen to be happy too. As Big Bang, I want to put on a lot more performances with even better music.”

Taeyang continues to promote SOLAR with “You’re Me” and “I Need A Girl.” While Big Bang comeback is some time in August before Se7en comeback which begin on the 21st of July.

Source: Quotes taken from Nate (Korean) article one and two ( translated by seungie) For original Full Nate translated articles Asianfantics one and two.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Janie C. Riley
    Jul 11, 2010 @ 03:41:12

    Has anyone found a great dating website that is free to sign up and has thousands of members? Janie C. Riley


  2. luna
    Jul 11, 2010 @ 06:48:41

    First just wanted to correct you that the dancer girl is called JiHye.
    Jiyong is GD in that sentence quote. 😉

    I’ve been wary about K-R&B or any R&B outside of America, as they would always be overshadowed by the American artist, as that is where it all started.

    In UK where I live the R&B sound is different from USA R&B. As such I hope that Korea gets it’s own sound you Know? But with Teddy and YG family being mainly from US I guess that’s why TaeYang will be grouped with Usher or Omarion etc-
    One can only hope he steps up next time and bring what he really wants to contribute to the music world and bring back some old sound that’s not been used. It seems this new album he played it a bit safe. And lack of love right now, is that Korea has no interest in R&B. Otherwise it’s really great after a few listens.

    I don’t know any other K-r&b artists as of now, before there used to be loads. Pity really.


  3. spazifyouwantto
    Jul 11, 2010 @ 12:51:03

    British r&b is the best I’ve heard in years but doesn’t translate well in U.S. K-pop is extremely trendy and so is YG. constant balance of breaking new grounds with music of intellect that may not sell or recycling redundant trends.


  4. rendyka
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 05:59:45

    you are cool man


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