Jay Park Take Over?

Who said Asian men can’t be sexy,influential or have dominance in entertainment? Asian-American artist Jay Park aka former leader of 2pm release a cover on B.oB’s ‘Nothin’ On You.”

Jay Park has been busy with his Hype Nation schedule to make its theatrical debut in 2011. There has been talk about Jay signing with Sidus HQ one of South Korea’s latest entertainment firm. To keep it brief Sidus HQ has contact Jay’s old company JYP entertainment. Last year JYP along with the six surviving members of 2pm held a specially press conference. Establishing the real reason why JYP will no longer employ Jay Park. The young man confess a “personal issue” that result a termination to all contract deals with JYP.

JYP was clever not to hint or give a clue on what that “personal issue” was that result to such a brash decision. Sidus HQ also is concern on what that “personal issue” maybe that can jeopardize creditability of their company. For the moment Sidus HQ and Jay Park are  negotiating no deal has been made. I hope this “personal issue” doesn’t haunt Jay and discard him from working with any other label. I only wish him the best of luck on finding the right company that truly believes in his ability to be an entertainer.


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