YG TV Is Back!!!!!!

FINALLY something to watch on Youtube for endless hours.YG TV is making its comeback via MNet Media.This time only Se7en,Gummy,Teddy and Yang Goon aka Yang Hyun Suk are airing. YG TV help launch 2NE1 take over and G-Dragon solo debut on to the K-pop scene.Giving fans an intimate look on the process,craft and dedication it took to make these artists shine.Above else allow fans to view their idol stars as more “human” than a puppet.Allowing inside look on music production and the pressure YG faces to make sure each album  successful.

Se7en is schedule for a comeback on 21st of July.Last year Gummy was part of YG TV line up but was drop allowing more focus on 2NE1.Teddy has been working over time creating/arranging/writing lyrics for Taeyang’s SOLAR, Se7en,Gummy and development for 2NE1 second album. While Yang Hyun Suk being YG’s founder and executive producer to all artists under the label.

This is a treat for fans,musicians,producers and those who focus on marketing,managing and other business aspects of the music industry.

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