T-ara Switch Up

7th member & new leader Boram bottom left corner

Coming back from movies I had one thing on my mind? What the fudge cakes is going on with T-ara? Earlier I read an article claiming that T-ara had not only add a new member but replace the group’s original leader.The new member name is Boram and she is also the groups new leader.According to Core Contents Media the switch up will happen every year.The new member Boram is to add some diversity allowing older members to do other activities.

K-pop fans and T-ara enthusiast were not so please with this new member and sudden leader change. Kim Kwang Soo president of Core Content Media has this to say…

“Since a while back, we were considering the idea of a switch in the team’s leader each year. The time was right for a change”

“Particularly, Eunjung is considering acting in a movie after she completes filming activities for her current drama. During their debut, Eunjung was chosen the leader because she spent the most years as a trainee.

Because the situation called for a change, Boram has become the new leader in order to provide opportunities for her to develop”

“Just like Boram has been appointed the new leader, there’s a possibility for another switch in the leader position next year.

These choices were made for T-ara to advance and develop”

These Choices are made for T-ara’s advancement and development?So old with the old in with something more new and attractive? What ever at the moment T-ara prepares for a comeback hopefully fans will follow.


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