G-Dragon o_O

G-Dragon is the flamboyant fashionista  leader of Big Bang.Charismatic and yes sometimes controversial G-Dragon is paving his own way to K-pop victory.Despite being part of one of the largest groups in K-pop history he still quite humanoid.So here are some old clips of Mr.GD himself acting cute, odd and a victim to accidents.

G-Dragon is suffering a bad case of the “giggles during “Last farewell” performance.Instead of paying attention to the other members he misses his ques and continue to laughs.

Bored G-Dragon plays with the balloons…really big scary ass balloons.

During a CF G-Dragon gets the you know what smacked right out of him by TOP.Something tells me TOP is the last member you ever want to mess with in case of a fight.

The infamous nipple grabs in attempt to give Taeyang a purple nurple.

In the end he’s BB lovable dork that wears to much Chanel.


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