Charice Botox?

I’ve been reading reports that Filipino singer Charice has use Botox and skin lighting treatment for her role in GLEE.Playing fellow student and competition to Lee Michele’s character Rachel Berry.  According to  reports the Botox was used because she has “jaw pains” and that skin lighting treatment was to “freshen up” her look.Charice is only 18 years -old and consider “most talented women in the world” by Oprah Winfrey. Granted that Botox is sometimes used for the treatment of TMJ. Many fans are kinda shock if not criticizing the young raising star.

Botox to deal with jaw pain is another but skin lighting?This is common throughout Asia that can lead to nasty results.On VH1’s Jessica Simpson Price of Beauty.Jessica interview a Thai women who bleach her skin which resulted to pigment discoloration.

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