The Beat Down 2010 Contest

Hey guys, whatever you submit HAS TO HAVE something about THE BEAT DOWN in it. It can’t be a video from the past, it’s gotta be relevant to the beat down hip hop dance competition, whether it’s singing a song about it, a parody or commercial, etc.

Create a video about the Beat Down 2010 Hip Hop Dance Competition showing off your talent or skills and it must be relevant to the Beat Down. Winner will get 2 VIP tickets to the Beat Down at Ryerson Theatre on August 21st 2010 which includes, a meet a greet with Kaba Modern, J.Reyez and Traphik and also PRIORITY SEATING so you will get to choose where you’ll be sitting before anyone else!

Submit your entries to or post a video response.
Contest ends on August 14th and winner will be announced in the following days

TO PURCHASE TICKETS online for the Beat Down visit:…

*Please follow the rules and only submit for this contest and the contents*


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