Tim Airplanes Remix


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track produced by J Rice



Heavenly father can you please send me something to wish on
Or at least tell these demons on back to just get gone
I know that im the shit but im still getting pissed on
Im talkin bout nobody’s understandin me, ms swan
Lookin like a man, but I feel like a boy
I try to do what I can, but im feelin destroyed
I just wanna raise the roof n leave the ceiling destroyed
But everytime I spit the truth, theres nothing fillin the void
And i- look to the light of the stars
Like Lord could you please show me that you aint far
I’m a nice guy, I hope I don’t finish last
No Fuck that- I’m a rocket I’m built to blast
So i- stay focused like the camera lenses
And I — stay humble never act pretentious
Cuz if- I had a wish that the heavens sent me
It would be simply that you don’t forget me

I made a wish on one, now I am one
You can’t block my shots, and 1!
Now the stuck up girls think im handsome
And my pops is proud, damn son!
I went from just pretend, to the jeffersons
I been Movin on up, and it just began
No one helped me then, it was just my pen
Im here to claim my crown, I’m the freshest prince
I had ur attention now I gotcha respect
Always did my own thing, I don’t got no regrets
I keep goin and goin aint no stopping me yet
Now I’m rocky balboa at the top of the steps
I don’t need no star, im a spaceship
See want I want in life, and I take it
Haters used to talk, they don’t say shit
Cuz you cant deny, that I made it


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