SM Verse YG:Going Head to Head To Claim 2010

Clockwise:Taeyang,Super Junior,SHINee,bottom right Se7en

I guess K-pop is becoming quite larger and having more fierce competition. Taeyang last week sweep music channels snagging 4 awards but some fans find his “wins” to be bias. Taeyang’s “I Need A Girl” feat. G-Dragon was only coming second place to other K-pop acts.The two wins on MNet M!Countdown seem somewhat suspicious after reports that Taeyang SOLAR just wasn’t selling as big as people think. MNet and YG entertainment always have a good business relationship compare to other networks like MBC and SBS.

ELF fans felt confuse that “I Need A Girl” was beating Super Juniors’ “No Other” when the single and repackage forth album had much higher sales and chart rankings. Despite what you think these music shows are based on viewers choice. That doesn’t mean the networks follow their own rules and play it fair.

Even though new acts/soloist like Miss A, Infinite,Narsha,GNA,etc.. are not part of any major labels.Still manage to gain some face time and audience but lack  music channel wins. In South Korea only three labels are the leaders of the pack YG,SM and JYP. For the moment YG and SM are going head to head to win audience attention and wallets. Taeyang SOLAR Limited Deluxe Edition debut selling out 30,000 copies but Super Junior forth repackage Bonamana Version C album sold 36,000 copies on its release date.Even in unit sales show that YG biggest competitor is mega label SM.

SM artist make up a large lump of mainstream K-pop music.Super Junior,SNSD,Boa,F(x),Kangta, and SHINee all active under this label. Verse YG having Big Bang,2NE1 ,Gummy,and Se7en. In order to have more dominance YG invested in solo activities to further expand each individual artist career.

Teddy new top producer fot YG

Every member in Big Bang has at least debut with a solo single but only G-Dragon(leader) and Taeyang have mini and/or full albums.Even newbie group 2NE1 allow almost each member to have a solo single to increase their popularity.SM doesn’t want to go this route and allow solos to some what over shadow or interfere with the group’s original image/integrity. Instead create sub-groups or allow them to focus more on other areas in entertainment.

YG has a habit  playing with fans loyalty by allowing former artist or inactive artists producer/write/arrange music for their label.Yang Hyun Suk workaholic personality and disapproval towards failure is the mentality of YG artists. Everyone under the label helps each other out in some way in order to keep YG entertainment alive.Giving the idea of “family” verse just being employed  for several years at a time. This doesn’t mean YG doesn’t exploit their own people,man power and patients.To outsiders,hallyu fans and inspired musicians/producers it’s an ideal working environment. Compare to SM which is under fire for neglecting the over all well-being of their musicians and unfair wages.

YG gives credit to their producers but  mainly focusing on the development of Teddy former leader of 1tym. Teddy introduction into YG was via 1tym back in 1998.Sine then he has develop a kinder spirit with Yang Hyun Suk and YG music developer Perry.Working mostly and exclusively with other YG stars like YMGA,Se7en,Taeyang and 2NE1. Teddy isn’t the only one producing/writing/arranging music Kush,Skull,Sean,and Jinu have also produce track but aren’t always recognize. While SM owning all copy rights doesn’t allow this type of notoriety in their label.

As the year progress YG and SM will be facing each other claiming dominance on the K-pop charts.Se7en unleash Digital Bounce a couple of days before SM release SHINee’s Lucifer.Both albums have their own vision on dance pop music but it seems so ironic that both albums are mostly made up of this genre.I can’t help but think Se7en and SHINee fans will go against one another.Se7en’s”Better Together” verse SHINee’s “Lucifer” who will be reign as victors?Both are edgy,new and some thing out of the ordinary for both artist.Only the next couple of weeks will tell if each song is worthy but who knows. Maybe some random lesser known artist(s)  just might conquer leaving Se7en and SHINee in the dust.


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