Bahnus Pleads Gulity

Bahnus Vacuum aka Mr.Lee who is responsible the plagiarized songs feature on Lee Hyori 4th comeback album H-Logic.Has plead guilty to fraud filed by Lee Hyori former management MNet Media.Claiming that the original songs either had no copy rights or were illegally link for download. Canadian group Cookie Couture and American singer Lil Precious are willing to take Me.Lee to court.Both artist claim that the songs were originally composed by them and Bahnus stole their music.

MNet being the first to take Bahnus down stating

“We will take full responsibility and will solve this matter for Lee Hyori,even though she didn’t renew the contract with us.We are aware that the plagiarism issue has put Hyori and Mnet Media in a bad position,affecting H-Logic’s album sales and damaging her image.”

Damage, more like almost destroy her career that took some 13 years to make.MNet vs Bahnus one of the few plagiarism accusation that was investigated and now ready for prosecution. I wish Lee hyori the best and that justice is serve.


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