Brown Eyed Girls Japanese Abracadabra

Teasing Japanese fans with Abracadabra only 44 seconds long.Brown Eyed Girls have team up with Sony Music Japan and Amazon Japan to promote their introduction into land of the rising sun.


1. Glam Girl
2. Abracadabra (Korean version)
3. Addicted
4. Candy Man
5. Moody Night
6. So Strange
7. I Won’t Let You Go
8. Even If You’re Someone Else’s (Most likely “Although you have a girl”)
9. Jea’s Wedding Song (also known as I’ll do better)
10. DJ Cloud translates L.O.V.E (Cloud Remix)
11. haihm translates SECOND (haihm rebuild)
12. east4A translates YOU (east4A Soulsome Mix)
13. Hitchhiker translates How Come? (Hitchhiker(Jinu) Dynamic Mix)
14. Saintbinary translates HOLD THE LINE (Saintbinary Sweet Purple remix)
15. junjaman translates MY STYLE (junjaman wet dream remix)
16. Fraktal translates OASIS (Fraktal desert is land mix)
17. Abracadabra (Japanese version)
18. Abracadabra [Instrumental]

Available at Amazon Japan


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