Cultural Stupidity#5 Yellowface and Blackface:Stereotypes of Two Ethnicity

In recent news BEAST’s Lee Kikwang has done something most would consider racist,disrespectful if not ridiculous.

Group BEAST’s member Lee Kikwang transforms into an African American, causing laughter.

On July 25th’s episode of MBC TV ‘Hot Brothers’, a ‘Don’t get worked up under any situation’ test took place in the recording while they underwent extreme situations meant to stimulate their heartbeats.

Lee Kikwang did an imaginary CF filming, and made up to look like an African American. Following this, a series of crummy situations occurred, breaking the common belief that filming a CF is a cool thing. In the end, Lee Kikwang was turned into an African-American and was embarrassed endlessly in extreme situations and unexpected outfits.

However, when Lee Kikwang was filming the watermelon CF, he put out all his acting skill, and after several NG’s, he just narrowly succeeded at the watermelon CF. But right after, he was hit with another challenge. A surprise guest appears and questions the true identity of Lee Kikwang in front of all the staff and guests.

The surprise guest said that they knew Lee Kikwang well, and that the ‘Lee Kikwang’ standing in front of them, dressed up as an African American was not really BEAST’s Lee Kikwang, accusing him and making him helpless.


From what I know BEAST Lee Kikwang is innocent until someone spill some beans and say “it was his idea.”  Koreans(natives) are not offended by this because guess what they’re not Black. I think they see this as a “humor” then degrading a race of people just to boost up ratings. Then again one would say that is a false conclusion. How can Lee Kikwang dress in Black face then do a CF about watermelons? These stereotypes come from the Americans were Black face is originated. Why would South Korea that has a very little Black population would think Black face is humorous?

I’ve talked about this issue before in my article Black Asia. In the past 10 + years there has been a massive increase of Black entertainment influence in Asian culture.In nations like Japan being “Black” is a strange cultural phenomenon  among their nation’s youth. Japanese kids go as far as using Black face methods in order to make themselves appear African-America.Go to specialize salons in Japan that emulate Black hair styles by using wigs,hair extension or professional styling. For the most part Japan is interested in Black entertainment and community just have a freaky way about doing it.

Americans pride themselves on being political correct they must because this nations history is full of racial regrets.Black face was used in the 19th century along with yellow face.During this time any minority wasn’t allow to act in theaters.Instead of hiring someone Black or Asian they would just face paint white actors to portray these ethnicity.Then use racial gestures and stereotypes to further identify whom or what they’re suppose to be. America is sending out some hardcore mix signals to foreign nation in believing the  practice of Black and yellow facing is done.

Rob Schneider is half Filipino using yellow face method to portray himself  “Asian” in I Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.While Robert Downey Jr. use Black face method in Tropic Thunder. Robert Downey Jr. receive quite the back lash for doing this even though this was a comedy.Which open nation wide in theaters and across the world. Yet Rob Schneider yellow face was quite more silent if not odd.How can someone of Asian heritage would do such a racial gesture to depict their own people? It’s a matter if Schneider fully recognize or  identity with his Asian heritage. Other than that people would say it can’t be that racist since he is part Asian.For the most part Black and yellow facing still exist in American media.View as something “funny” verse being a real serious issue.To other foreign nations who see this in our media would call us “hypocrites” to attack them for using Black face.

I’m a person of color who understand the negativity that Black and yellow facing can bring. I get offend when Asian, white youth along with fellow Black and Latino youth say “what’s up my nigga.” Thinking that I identify with that culture. The American racial issue is becoming blur but for the wrong reason.Why should foreign nation feel no different in believing this is normal,typical behaviors and form of entertainment.

I live in a nation where I constantly have to racially identify myself for everything.To get a job,drivers license,attend schooling,etc…. Damn the day I would no longer see Check Here For Race [ ] Asians Pacific Islander [ ] Hispanic (Non-African-American) [ ]  African-American [ ] Native American [ ] Caucasian [ ] Mixed,Multiracial [ ] Other. To outsiders your an American before the race titles.Fellow Americans can’t grasp this concept.

Americans are the worse example for true racial acceptance but perfect for social political  self-destruction brought by separated point of views base on race. I don’t know if Black and yellow face will end.All I know I’m living for now and working for a better yesterday so my kids wouldn’t have to go through the harassment and embarrassment. In hope that the human race will realize the survival of mankind is not base of racial superiority but a dominance as a constant evolving species.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Skategirl
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 15:39:31

    Racist ass Koreans ……


  2. s
    Jul 16, 2018 @ 18:37:51

    Well, Robert Downey Jr. was playing a racist actor, not a black character. His character was in blackface, not him.


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