Seungri Silly Beans

Big Bang memebers Seungri and Taeyang were on a recent episode of Strong Heart.Seungri was ask to imitate his fellow band members live on stage.Fans got a kick on just how “accurate”  Seungri was he then explain.

on imitating G-Dragon

“It’s very easy to copy the other members. If you want to be G-Dragon, just fold your hand, stick out your thumb and kind of put the rest of your four fingers together like this while doing every gesture.”

on imitating TOP

“Since T.O.P appeared as a professional killer for the drama Iris, he makes his shooting pose with three fingers. Pretend to hold a gun while rapping, get on your knees and then go forward.”

on imitating Taeyang

“If you want to be Taeyang, just move your fingers a lot and point once in a while.”

on imitating Daesung

“Because Daesung has a powerful voice all you have to do is wave your hand according to the volume of his voice.”

Very funny Mr.Seungri


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