Rain Back Out of Six To Five and J.Tune Entertainment?

Some bad news about Rain today resulting a removal of his clothing brand Six To Five from major malls.He launched his clothing line back in 2009 with promising results.Since  of June 2010 high-end fashion shopping malls like Lotte and Shinsegae remove all Six to Five products from their stores.

There is a rumor that Rain is also selling all his stock shares in J.Tune Entertainment.Rain who was once under JYP and consider his protege launch J.Tune as his own label signing MBLAQ.In pass interviews Rain stress that for now only MBLAQ will be under this label including himself. Rain release his mini comeback album Back To Basic (2010) and MBLAQ Just BLAQ(2009) and mini album Y (2010) under J.Tune entertainment.

With the removal of his Six To Five clothing and possibility of him stepping down from J.Tune. Some began to wonder if Rain is backing out? There has been no official comment explaining why Six to Five clothing is being remove from malls or if Rain is leaving J.Tune.

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