Taeyang Goes International

Although Taeyang has back out of his solo concert activities to continue his promotions with Big Bang in Japan.This cut into his time for preparing an awesome solo concert for Korean fans. What a total bummer but YG founder and CEO Yang Hyun Suk drop a bomb when he said Taeyeng will go international.

Say what, I think my heart just stop beating.Yang Hyun Suk stated…..

“Taeyang will end INAG(I Need A Girl) promotions on Music Core on the 14th. On the 19th, Taeyang will release his International Release Album… Taeyang will also begin promotions for the title track I’ll Be There soon.YG has begun releasing YG artists’ music on the international iTunes Store for the past few months… For the next step, there are plans to release English versions of future YG artists’ music and music videos through the iTunes store, Youtube, and another international sites… The first artist for this plan is Taeyang with his International Release Album.Taeyang’s International Release Album will include 12 songs with two new ones that weren’t included on his  SOLAR album and ten previously released songs that that overseas fans should like. The title track I’ll Be There was written by YG’s main producer Teddy and is a hip-hop R&B song with a strong, fast beat. The other new song will be an english version of Wedding DressAfter seeing the complete dance for I’ll Be There about one month ago, I told choreographer Shaun(Evaristo), ‘Of all the choreography I’ve seen in the past several years, I like this one the best.’ That’s how distinctive the dance was.”

I think I just shit myself but there is a few concerning issues that come to mind. What about Big Bang comeback? Seems once again YG is focus on promoting “Beautiful Hangover” but hasn’t touch any grounds on their Korean comeback.What about 2NE1 comeback? I’m still confuse when this is gonna happen and can barely find any info on Season 2 of 2NE1 TV. YG has a habit of over extending and exhausting  themselves to point they end up backing out do to tight scheduling.

Taeyang goes international I totally support him and many fans are psychic.I just hope that YG will not mock already pre-existing artist like Justin Timberlake and Usher.We already have somebody like this in North American. This was one of the many reason why Se7en did not make it so well state side. Taeyang is very talented there is no need to shadow somebody else or mimic . There is a reason why artist like Lady Gaga,Usher,Madonna last so long.They set trends that people can help but follow. Taeyang needs to set his own trend,bring forth his own brand of music and above else be his own artist.  So that fans and other artists can recognize and say “That is Taeyang” and nobody else. All YG artists  must take that into mind when going international.


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    Aug 14, 2010 @ 05:52:12



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