FREE G-DRAGON……From Criticisms?

Big Bang leader G-Dragon couldn’t catch a break last year from his solo album Heartbreaker.This being his first solo album was quickly plagued by plagiarism rumors way before its release date. The album main title track “Heartbreaker” being accused of plagiarism many would say this album was a curse but a blessing in disguise. Despite the rumors,harsh comments by antis and disgruntled YG fans. The album was a top seller in South Korea.One could say that G-Dragon made bank even though the haters try to “rain” on his parade.

In December 2009 G-Dragon perform his first solo concert Shine A Light. Which show case inappropriate behavior according to government officials and some concert goers. South Korean censorship is quite more harsh verse other nations. Shine A Light concert was for all ages but during “Breathe” G-Dragon and a back up dancer bed scene cause massive waves of concern Also a viral video broadcast during “She’s Gone” that feature domestic violence. Shine A Light only had one concert and was quickly place under investigation. If found guilty by Seoul District Court  G-Dragon would pay fines, jail time and/or the  possibility of not performing up to a year.

Loyal fans and concert goers who disagree were outrage that G-Dragon could face such harsh punishment.For something by the most part is consider a misdemeanor.Fans petition against G-Dragon receiving any jail time for Shine a Light. G-Dragon wasn’t charge with jail time but slam with a fine worth some 2,000 USD or more. That he later under the guidance of YG entertainment (his management/label) plead no guilty which cause for another hearing. Since then G-Dragon has release  Shine A Light in selective theaters in South Kore that sold out. A CD+DVD version of Shine A Light that was also released in Japan breaking Orion Top 10 Music DVD charts after two weeks.Even with all this success the stench of plagiarism still lingers over G-Dragon’s head. Recent translated article explains the criticism G-Dragon still has to face.

As much as many people have acknowledged the ability of G-Dragon, leader of popular idol group Big Bang, he stands out that much farther from other singers. But the truth is that his exceptional talent is not being properly acknowledged. Though famous pop artists who have high credentials internationally cannot hide their admiration for G-Dragon’s talent, it is true that he is being severely underestimated within his own country.

If that’s the case, why exactly is G-Dragon’s ability being underestimated? The reason lies with negative controversies related to G-Dragon, which always seem to re-explode as soon as things seem to calm down. Starting last summer with the plagiarism allegations around his solo track ‘Heartbreaker,’ he has continually been caught up in controversies to this day. And so, G-Dragon’s image has become worse.

But these days, the more we hear news of G-Dragon, we cannot erase the feeling that these controversies are not based on objective fact. Before, the belief that criticisms towards him were rightful was prevalent because he had done wrong, but we cannot understand the criticisms stemming from the recent return to court by YG Entertainment. Of course, we understand that this case began with G-Dragon, it’s just that we believe that aiming all accusations at G-Dragon, saying that he is the one that unraveled the thread, is not right.

What’s most important is that accusations such as these are being instigated by a number of netizens on a spree to ‘kill G-Dragon.’ At first, accusations aimed at G-Dragon began as an effort to call him out for the wrongs that he had done. But as time went on, the root of such criticism disappeared. Fans and netizens were no longer calling him out for his own faults, but were putting the blame on him for things anyone that had anything to do with him had done. And now, they have surpassed the level of criticism and launching personal attacks on him.

We can take YG Entertainment’s decision to return to court as an example. This decision was made solely by the company, and while G-Dragon had nothing to do with the decision all focus has been put on him. Seeing as how all press reporters, who should be the ones to give accurate reports for the netizens to see, have been writing their articles as if G-Dragon was the one to take on the courts and request a reassessment case, it’s no surprise that all the focus has been directed at him. But as such negative attention filled with controversy and accusation surrounds G-Dragon, it cannot be overlooked that he is simply taking all of it and being victimized.

As will be evident if you search for and look through any related media, subtly amongst all the controversy and criticism is a cry to ‘kill G-Dragon.’ This repulsive spree has been going on ever since last summer and hasn’t ended to this day. As can be seen through replies attached to related articles, the hottest topics when it comes to G-Dragon do not have anything to do with the present, but is a messy collection of things from the past, present, and future. They accuse him of things he had done in the past, accuse him again with controversies happening in the present, come up with things from the future with nonsensical reasoning to criticize him once more and do not give him even a moment’s breath to explain himself.

They are tediously holding on to controversies from the past and criticizing him. Of course, if G-Dragon or his company had not apologized for these matters, this would not be such a problem, but G-Dragon and his company have worked out the plagiarism accusations with the parties involved, and regarding the controversy about his provocative performance at his concert, he had already released an official apology and paid the appropriate fines. But still, a handful of netizens amongst Big Bang’s anti-fans consider all of G-Dragon’s actions as wrong and continue to point fingers. To put it simply, the killing of one celebrity is happening in front of our eyes.

For a celebrity, criticism is an important element that allows him or her to reach the next level. But criticism such as what is happening now does nothing more than stir up hatred amongst the people. There must be reason for such condemnation aside from a simple dislike for the person, but this handful of people is expressing their personal feelings and deliberately coming up with outrageous criticisms against G-Dragon. Furthermore they are using a hot icon like G-Dragon to encourage fights between netizens, and are enjoying doing so. If there are any netizens out there of sound mind, we wish that you would not take part in this absurd spree to ‘kill G-Dragon.’

Hesitated to post this for the reason that it might stir up issues or old controversies but the good and bad have to be accepted and this is cleaning up G-Dragon’s name if anything and helping fans understand why G-Dragon is treated as such an outcast at times.

Outcast, yes but many of your artists today who think outside the box are treated this way. Lets just face it K-pop is no different from any other music industry. You can have the most tacky ,trashy,redundant and talentless generic hams become famous for the dumbest reasons. America is filled with artist who should never even be allowed to sing in public. Why shouldn’t South Korea be guilty of doing the same thing? The integrity of this industry has long since left but the artist who still believe refuse to sell it to the highest bitter. YG did a lot of wrong you can not deny that but that is a matter of opinion. I see G-Dragon bringing some type of “change” in the idea of a Korean idol star.Since the age of 5 he has worked on building his name and image. I do not always agree with his hype,image and music but I have deep respect for him and see penitential.

Another man junk is another man treasure this attitude is also in music. Some fans see him as pure junk and criticize everything he does. While others see him not just the proud leader of Big Bang but the new leader of Korean entertainment. I don’t see antis erasing G-Dragon presence in K-pop and I don’t see him backing off from having a successful music career. Where I come from bad publicity is still good publicity, what doesn’t kill you will make you ten times more popular.G-Dragon is a living,breathing example that only strongest and bravest can survive this crude forgiven/forgettable industry.



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