Jay Park “I’m Sorry” For Myspace Comments

Sign to mega entertainment company Sidus HQ, staring in a new movie Hype Nation and already having a new single “Count On Me.” Seems Jay is on top of things but somethings can haunt you forever. Back in September 2009 hurtful MySpace comments reveal a more immature side of Jay Park aka Jaebeom who is the former leader of JYP’s 2pm. The comments were leaked out by an unknown source that created a tsunami backlash wave of criticism against the young singer.

Although Jaebeom immediately apologize the next day decide to leave the group. Since then Jay has been on his own after a press conference with JYP and 2pm reveal no plans to resign or have him participate with the group ever again. In a  KBS TV2 Entertainment Weekly interview  Jay comment about the MySpace incident saying……..

“I am very sorry. The stuff that I wrote when I am still young and things that I wrote without much thought had cause hurt to so many people, I’m sorry about that. I want to say that those are not from my heart.”

……..about his permanent dismissal from 2pm

“After I returned to Korea, I have not contacted the other 2PM members. I feel sorry towards the other members.”

Since then both Jay and 2pm along with JYP has bounce back. Jay continues to work on his reintroduction back onto the k-pop scene as a soloist. While 2pm release The First album 1:59 back in 2009 and Can’t Stop Wont Stop this year.2pm also appear on Wonder Girls World Tour(North America) and a first concert that was  held in Seoul,South Korea.


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