Ready For Taeyang SOLAR….Again

Taeyang is gearing up a special release of SOLAR international album.With a new single “I’ll Be There” produce by you know who..Teddy(1tym). I’ll Be There is supposed to be one of those r&b songs influence by hip hop…I hope it doesn’t use auto-tune and “ah, ah, ah. ah, kick snare beat, ah ,ah, ah, I will slap a bitch or two. Some photos have been release and I’m excited just to see YB again. The new concept is more bolder,badder and Taeyang’s  mohawk is riding high.

In other news Taeyang has join twitter (I guess) naming it the realtaeyang he has over 12,795 people following him. Also G-Dragon has a twitter No2mo with only 7,676 followers..what no love for the G man. G-Dragon up load some pics of gaho and boss.Ah how cute puppy love.^_^

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